Ship in the ocean Paint by Diamonds

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Why enroll in art school when you can create a Mosaic Painting masterpiece? No Art skills required, only able to stick the diamonds! Choose your favorite style, match the right diamond to each section to bring the artistic design to life.


  1. Quality, pre-colored glued printed canvas.
  2. Pre-numbered Diamonds including English printed instructions.
  3. Variety of tools for the perfect cover.
  4. Guaranteed stress relief and relaxation.

DIY Diamond Painting pack includes:

  • 1X high-quality canvas rolled and packaged
  • 1X green grooved organizing tray
  • 1X pair of sharp tweezers
  • Plastic bags for diamond storage
  • English printed instructions

Check for our LED Light Tablet Pad USB Plug for DIY Painting HERE

No frame included

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