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Paint by Diamonds - Bring Out the Artist in You!

Are you someone who wants to create creative Mosaic Paintings? If yes, then we introduce our ‘Paint by Diamonds’ canvas series! It is an amazing product for people who love sparkle. The specialty of this canvas painting is that you don’t require any pro art skills. All you need is pick a style, stick and match the diamonds to the right section, and your ‘Sparkle Mosaic Masterpiece’ is ready! We offer a wide range of image options - in 6 different canvas sizes.

Product Highlights:

Our Paint by Diamond - painting canvas is the perfect product to bring creativity to life at your home. Just follow the trail of numbered diamonds, and your masterpiece would be ready. Hang it in your house as a souvenir or gift it to someone you love - it is ideal for both. Bring out the hidden artist in you with our Paint by Diamond within affordable prices.

  • Available in 6 different canvas sizes.
  • With 50+ images for canvas art.
  • Pre-numbered, easy to stick diamonds.
  • Premium quality, pre-colored printed & glued canvas cloth.
  • It comes with several tools to make the perfect mosaic art.
  • Printed English instructions.
  • Affordable prices.

Product Specifications:

Paint by Diamond is a stress-relieving and relaxing activity. It does not require any art skills or training. It’s a two-in-one purpose product. Bring your creativity on pre-colored, printed canvas, and make your home walls appealing and attractive. Premium quality, expensive, silk cloth is used for the art. There are more than 50 images of designs that are printed on the canvas. The canvas cloth is glued to stick the sparkly diamonds easily.

The diamonds for the painting are of high quality and pre-numbered. So you can stick the right numbered diamond in the right section conveniently. Along with pre-colored printed canvas, there are four other products - including:

  • 1 green colored grooved tray to organize the diamonds.
  • 1 pair of sharp tweezers to handle the diamonds on tray and canvas.
  • Diamonds storage plastic bags.
  • 1 fine printed instructions guide in English.

Our Paint by Diamond is a fantabulous product to practice and master diamond painting. Each design is available in six different sizes - including:

  • 20x25 cm.
  • 25x30 cm
  • 30x40 cm
  • 40x50 cm
  • 50x60cm
  • 60x70 cm

The canvas is carefully rolled and packaged to protect it from wear & tear. There is no wooden frame included in the package. This Paint by Diamond is a remarkable product to entertain the hidden artistic and creative skills of anyone. Once the mosaic art is ready, it can be used as a wall hanging to impress your guests. The canvas comes with the whole set of diamond painting tools - without any extra charges. We offer free worldwide shipping. Order this product today from us, and make a magnificent mosaic art with your friends and family!

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    No frame included

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