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Are you bored from the anodized finish of your JUUL? Order our most exceptional quality JUUL Skins for JUUL vape to give a new look to your JUUL e-cigarette. Enjoy the luxury of vibrantly printed vinyl decal when you are alone or let it reflect your personality in front of others.

Your unique JUUL skin will help prevent your JUUL from getting mixed up or misplaced.

Here are a few reasons you will not regret buying this product.

  • Premium Quality Materials: This JUUL skin is made up of the highest quality 3M vinyl. The OEM-level precision makes it a pleasurable experience for JUUL e-cigarette users. Our specialized adhesive will make it stick perfectly when you wrap it. Once you decide to give a new look to your JUUL, you can detach it easily.
  • Unmatched Precision: Perfection is what we deliver. Our JUUL skins are developed and tested through standardized measuring, cutting, and wrapping procedures to give you the best fitted JUUL skins.
  • Unlimited Customization: You can order custom decal skin for your JUUL. Select what best suits your personality or what is trendy yet personalized to impress your friends. We will print for you on high-quality digital media. Then it is laminated to preserve its color for extended use.
  • Outstanding Product Quality: The ultra-thin, stain-resistant, and durable laminate vinyl ensures excellent quality JUUL skin wrap suitable for everyday use.


Easy to Fix Dimensions: you don’t have to trim the corners of the wrap to fit on your JUUL. It will correctly fix to its size.

Easy to apply: You can cover your JUUL with this JUUL skin in just a minute without bubbles. It’s effortless and simple.

Easy to remove: Tired of using the old wrap and want to replace? Our JUUL skins will come off quickly in just a minute, without leaving any adhesive residue. Your JULL will be as new as it was before.

Water Resistance: The material used in making our JUUL skin is not deteriorated upon exposure to water.

Durability: A rough usage of your JUUL Vape electronic cigarette will not make it scratched or spotted. Our high endurance JUUL skins provide maximum protection from scratches.

Easy to clean: You can easily clean it with a damp and soft cloth. There is no glue to make it messy and challenging to clean.

Package Includes:

The package includes 1 JULL skin for JUUL vape with a charger.


  • It fits perfectly for your JUUL Vape Electronic Cigarette.
  • It is made of PVC Material.
  • 5D colorful stickers.
  • Individually Packaged JUUL Skin for each JUUL.
  • It protects your JUUL from everyday scratches or wears and tears.
  • High-quality vinyl decal stickers are entirely resistant to damages by water.
  • Prints and colors will not fade away.
  • Trendy fashion stickers with popular designs.
  • An affordable price makes it easy to replace.
  • Free shipping worldwide.

How to apply JUUL skin to JUUL Vape Electronic Cigarette

  • Dry your hands with a paper towel
  • Wipe the JUUL with a paper towel thoroughly to make sure there isn’t any trace of moisture on it. Moisture can prevent the adhesive JUUL skin from sticking properly.
  • Open the JUUL skin
  • Stick the skin to one side of JUUL. When it’s properly attached, then stick to the other side also.
  • By using your fingers, remove any wrinkles which might be present.

So, order our JULL skins to enhance your grace and describe your personality.