Leaf Grass Thoverboard skin decal 6.5 inch

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There is absolutely no question that you will be rolling around in style when you apply one of these self balance scooter decals to the surface of your new toy!
You will surely be the talk of the town when everyone sees you glide by with one of these super cool decals adhered to your self balancing scooter! Our exclusive decals for self balancing scooters have been created in order to give you a way to customize your scooter according to your particular preferences. Thanks to the unique peel-and-stick design, these self balance scooter decals are extremely easy to apply to the surface of your new gadget. Well, what could you possibly be waiting for? Find the self balancing scooter decal that fits your tastes and get ready to perfect your street cruising style!

Protection skin decal for electric Self Balance scooter Board.
Protect from dings and scratches.
Removable and waterproof

Fits most models Razor Hovertrax, Swagway X1, Powerboard, Sogo, Leray, Glyro and many more
Size: 6.5"
Package Included:
1 Set Sticker for Self Balance Scooter 6.5"