House by the lake Paint by Numbers

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Why enroll in art school when you can create a paint-by-numbers masterpiece? No painting skills required, only able to paint inside the lines! Choose your favorite style, match the numbers up and paint each section to bring the artistic design to life.


  1. Quality, pre-numbered printed canvas.
  2. Fast drying, acrylic based, pre-numbered paints.
  3. Different paint brushes size for perfect sections cover.
  4. For achieving the best results, let each section dry for 2-3 minutes, and cover it again with the same color.
  5. Guaranteed stress relief and relaxation.

DIY paint by numbers pack includes:

  • 1X numbered printed canvas
  • Acrylic based numbered paint set.
  • 3X different sized paint brushes (1X small, 1X medium and 1X large).

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Frame Not included

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