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Turn your ps4 slim console into a piece of art with one of our stick-on ps4 slim skins!

Every ps4 slim Skin is designed to suit each personal style. ps4 slim skins are made of high-quality material, incredibly easy to use, which improves the performance of gaming. We have thousands of high-quality products that had satisfied thousands of our customers. Increasing online shopping increases our hunger for high standards in Ps4 slim decals quality. All you have to do is peel the decals from their protection film and carefully stick them to the exterior of your ps4 slim console. Each kit includes 2 matching controllers' skins aside with one console skin, so your game partner can enjoy the same gaming experience as you are.

Why buying ps4 slim skin?

1. Protection – ps4 slim skin made of high-quality PVC for ps4 slim console and controllers, minor scratch and dust protection.

2. Performance – Play games better than you had played ever. The game runs smoothly with these skins

3. Fashion - Stylish and fashionable design, decorate and beautify your gaming devices.

4. Compatibility – the skin compatible with ps4 slim console

5. Multiplayer – we give value to your friendship, that’s why this kit has 2 controllers’ skins and one console skin.

6. Design – We have a combination of high-quality Designs. Gaming, superheroes and many more ps4 slim skins.

7. Perfect gift – Surprise your friend or family member with a new and fresh designed ps4 slim skin to fit his or her gaming console.

How to apply the ps4 slim skin


1. Properly clean the game console. Use a cloth to remove any dirt or duts remainings. Note: that any dirt or oil remainings might cause an improper adjustment while installing the skin. 

2. Peel off one part of the console Skin from the protection film. keep the adhesive face of the skin clean.

3. Align the skin with the console surface, and carefully apply the adhesive face. Use your thumbs to level the decal from the corner of the game console across the surface.

4. If the application is not straight, gently unpeel it back up and repeat section 3. Any attempt to stretch the skin while it is applied to the game console might cause a change from its original size.

5. If installed slowly and carefully, there ought to be NO air bubbles left below the skin. Air residue under the skin left during installation will disappear over time.

Optional: For the best result, apply hot air to the decal surface to activate the chemical agents for higher stickiness. Use a hairdryer or a blower.

You can find the tutorial installation process Here


1. Easily clean with a moist cloth. No messy glue to deal with.

2. Easy to use, can be applied bubble free within minutes, goo-free removal.

3. Flexible and adhesive decals kit, compatible with the console surface.

Package Includes:

• 1 x Skin for Console

• 2 x Skin for Controllers

Console and controllers are not included!

More designs for ps4 slim console available HERE.

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