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Do you like to make yourself blend out in public? Do you want to customize your things in a way so that they stand out? Are you a fan of patterns filled with different colors? Or do you prefer simple dark themed stuff? Either way, we have got you covered with these hoverboard skins that can customize your board according to your requirements and taste. In this way, you can ride in style and most importantly, protect your hoverboard. Due to the availability of a wide range of designs and types, you will be able to modify your board easily and stand out in public or wherever you go. The uniqueness and elegance of the skins will make the people stop and stare.



  • Unlike other products in the market whose quality falls whenever they are being cleaned, these skins are easily cleanable. You only require a moist cloth and voila! The skin is clean and as good as new without the danger of damaging the material or wearing down the color on the skin.
  • As the quality of the material of our skin is premium, it is effortless to put on the hoverboard without any folds and free of bubbles.
  • The flexible and adhesive decal kits also make sure that this skin is compatible with the surface of the hoverboard and does not peel off easily after some usage. The skin flexibility also ensures the skin to sit perfectly on the round edges of the board. Excellent quality of adhesive makes sure the removal of the product is smooth because while the skin is being removed, the residues of the adhesive do not accumulate on the surface of this hoverboard.
  • It avoids a big problem of making the body of the board looks old and disgusting. It usually arises when products with adhesive are used on surfaces similar to those of the hover boards.
  • As these skins made from a really good material, so they last way longer than expected and protect the surface of the board from scratches and damage as well.
  • These skins are also compatible with almost any hoverboard as they are available in size 6.5 inches. Because of this, there won't be any ambiguities regarding the fitting of the skin on board.

In the current market, there are a lot of skins available for the Hover Boards that might be cheaper. Spending money on them might save you a few bucks but they might worsen the condition of your hover board. If we talk about these skins, they won't harm your hover board because their material will protect it from scratches. Therefore, considering the price, material quality and the variety of available designs, these skins are the best buy for your process of modification. They not only protect your hover board but also take the looks and style of it to the next level.

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    Package Includes:

    • 1 Set Sticker for Self Balance Scooter 6.5"

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