Xbox series S skins



The Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox that Microsoft has ever made. Even though it was announced quite a while ago and people know a lot about it. It is still the console with many questions.

The Xbox series S starts from $299, like a budget entrance for the next generation of Xbox consoles, which shocked everyone because this console is lighter and cheaper, which boasts its "designed to play games at 1440p at 60 frames per second." To make it stylish, you can grab Xbox series S skins.

The S series is briefly similar to the more extensive X series. It means that you get faster load time, smoother gameplay, and up to 120 fps in some titles. The main difference is the GPU capacity, which means most people have to balance this small Xbox with a 1080p TV or display.

 It is a console for those who don't care about 4K, but people do have concerns about its abilities. Is this console going to limit the next-gen games? Will it accommodate ray tracing well? Does it support 1440p?

Hardware and Design

All the next-gen capabilities come inside a small box. The Xbox Series S has a height of only 275mm, a depth of 151mm (5.9inches), and a vertical distance of just 2.5inches (63.5inches). This sleek console design can be improved using Xbox series S skins or decals, which will make it look awesome.

Microsoft has put both vertical and horizontal rubber feet, and many ventilation vents are in place. The Xbox S Series looks fantastic in both ways, unlike the larger X Series. It can even easily fit into my TV booth, which looks like it was made to fit into a common living room, unlike the PS5 and Xbox X series.

The rear is fitted with two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and a storage area. At the rear, Microsoft has added Braille bumps here, a brilliant step for usability. There is just one USB port on the front and no disks. In addition to just size, this is the first significant change in Xbox Series S: you can't use any Xbox Game disks that you already own. You require downloadable game models, and you can also purchase games from the digital store in Microsoft.

Games and Optimizations

Unfortunately, the majority of games would work as if they were games of Xbox one S. They would not benefit from the improvements that Microsoft has created with the Xbox One X. That is particularly true because the S series does not reach 4K.

The S Series seems like it has a lot, but not enough games, for the smaller Xbox to completely grasp what it is. It is expected to see more games in Series S with 120fps modes, textures, and ray tracing options. There is a lot of hope, but it seems too early to tell just how the next-generation Series S works.


The S Series Xbox now has multiple unknowns. Due to the storage situation, it is not always the best budget choice. It looks fantastic, though for the bedroom, for Xbox Game Pass, or as a console for Fortnight. This stylish next-gen console is a great choice, and you can also customize it using Xbox series S skins. If you can live with the storage and video quality on a 1080p TV only, you'll have fun playing Xbox games like never before.