PSP 3000 skins

PSP 3000 is one of the most advanced, portable and successor portable console.

It’s a small pocket-sized (if you have big pockets) multimedia device that is mainly for playing games, but which can also allow to play movies and music, search the internet, and keep you linked to your other social media connections.

PlayStation Vita is powered by PS4 and it’s the most advanced and latest member of the family of PS3 – so any PS4 comfort you own, you’re PlayStation Vita ready to use; you only need to add your PlayStation camera, and connect your receiver to your PS3 and leave realism behind.

Features of psp skins

PS VITA comes with a lot of features as well as 5.7 OLED. With an OLED custom 3D, real-wired environments awaken. The PSP skins are dependent on Network ID of PlayStation to access a lot of it its features, but it boasts plenty of different ways to connect with your family and friends on PlayStation 3 or on other Vitas. On a PlayStation Vita, you can also access the friend’s lists to see who is playing what. You can also make use of a feature called Near to see if any of your friends are closely playing on the PS Vita (or explore any additional closely game players to playing similar games as they are. The party feature access you to use voice chat and text with any of your friends on PSN.

Below, I’ll mention some features of PlayStation Vita.

360-degree vision

Any of the ways you spin the 360-degree immersion of PlayStation VITA creates you part of a living inhalation globe with the perfect field of vision.

Per the second 120 frames

Super low potential & sleek visuals join to make a pretty immersive planet for gaming.

The camera of PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita comes with a better dual lenses camera and 3D power sensor, the camera of PlayStation Vita tracks the actual location of the headset, Move controller of PlayStation Vita and dual-Shock 4 light bars anywhere you are, ensure that at all time you are in the middle of your Vita gaming world.

Precision tracking

The camera of PlayStation tracks nine 5.7 OLED located on the sides, front and back of the PlayStation Vita headset – make sure accuracy pinpoint inside the universe of gaming, everywhere you are in the room.


Virtually every title on PlayStation Vita uses the system’s superb five-inch OLED touchscreen. With a touch, tap, and swipe of a finger, you can monitor Nathan Drake over cliffs, rock, and bridges by picking the way you require him to follow in the exciting Uncharted.

In addition, you can make use of your finger to pot balls and team with incredible correctness in pool sim hustle kings. Both instinctive and simple, the touchscreen on the PlayStation Vita console enables you to find wonderful scenery and connect with your much loved PlayStation games.

Double analog sticks

The most anticipated and one of the coolest features of PlayStation Vita is the addition of the double analog sticks. With the help of double analog sticks, you'll be able to hit and get win each target in military-themed, as well as blast asteroids to parts in the intelligence Great Stardust Delta. On the move, Shooters will not ever be the same, thanks to this new and innovative feature.

Should I buy the PSP 3000?

If you love alone games and it’s enough to please you, and you wished release titles that pack a punch parallel to games on tablets and smartphones – in addition to well control opportunities – then the PSP 3000 could be for you. Faithfully the store of the Vita console will be simple for smaller creators to ship to as the Android or Apple markets, to keep an extensive range of games available.

Can I use the console as a media player?

Yes, you can use the console as a media player. The OLED screen looks pretty great especially while watching movies. The PlayStation Vita enables you to import your music, pictures, and movies with its application, on the other hand, the Vita store enables you to purchase and rent movies. Besides, global Netflix has a Vita app.

What's the battery life like?

While watching movies or playing games Sony promises a 3 to 5-hour battery life, and for music, it promises 9 hours of battery life. I saw even shorter times in testing the unit. When an hour or so of play game, my battery drop to 50 percent from 100 percent. The battery of the console is internal that makes the short battery life difficult, not like the PS’s, so always you’ll require to keep your charger handy.

Conclusion - buy PSP 3000

PlayStation Vita will have complete access to Network of PlayStation, which means you can easily download fully fresh games, samples and plenty of additional great content from Store PlayStation. Plus, you’ll also be able to link with family and friends and play against them online.

So, are you ready to experience new games with PSP 3000 in an entire advanced mode?