PS4 skins



PS4 (PlayStation 4) is the latest gaming console developed by Sony in 2013. It is significantly improved its quality in terms of graphics, loading time, and GUI (Graphical User Interface). It is cheaper than the Xbox one but gives us a lot more than its competitor.

Hardware :

PS4 is just like a normal mid-range PC for gaming. It includes the 8 core AMD Kabini/Jaguar processor. Registers are x86 and x64 present in the PS4. Radeon derived-7870 GPU with eighteen units of computing but if we compare it with the Xbox it has 12 compute units. The RAM is 8 GB unified GDDR5. The most prominent specification of PS4 is its RAM, which provides a shared memory of 176 GB per second for both CPU and GPU. Most people only compare the console's hardware with the gaming PC but it is very unfair. We should see its performance rather than only its specification.

Design :

PS4 is smarter than the previous console PS3. PS3 was a little bit curved but PS4 is flat. Here you can find different PS4 skins to custom design your PlayStation. Different PS4 skin is used to modify PS4 skin from jet black to your own choice. Our PS4 skins let you customize your console with eye-opening art. PS4 decal is easy to peel off and use on your device. The PS4 skin is made by the world's one of the best artists.

Software :

Recently in December 2018, the PS4 software is updated and the latest version is 6.20. This update includes additional features, improved usability. So anyone can easily understand the system and at the last make the system more secure than ever.

Customize control:

• The newest feature PS4 is offering is its re-mapping of the buttons. You can now change the buttons as you feel easy to play on it.
• PS4 Pro provides a "Boost Mode" which is used for the older games to boost their performance that was not developed according to the beefed-up console in mind. This mode takes a very short time for loading the game, a high refresh rate, and have a very fast clock speed.

• Now you can control the brightness of PS4. You have only go to settings -> Devices -> controllers, here you can select whatever brightness suits you according to your time. The most notable thing is that if you cover up the light bar so you would not be able to identify that which controller bongs to whom. The blue light bar is used for player one, the red light bar is used for player two, just like this green is for player three, and pink is used for player four.

Play the game while downloading :

One of the best features of PS4 is that when you purchase a game then you don't need to wait a lot of time to complete the downloading. In starting it download the necessary part of the game which is required to initiate the game and then the rest game is downloading in the background without any difficulty. Because you have a powerful machine with heavy processor and RAM as required for the PlayStation.

How to apply Ps4 skin