PS4 Controller cover

Best PS4 controller covers that everyone needs

Two components are used to produce our PS4 controller covers: quality materials and precise cutting. Everyone knows that 3M is the market pioneer in luxury vinyl – which is why our brand only uses 3M in all of our PS4 skins. It's the same vinyl that covers Lambos, but you can rely on your game machine to do it well enough.

We only do not like vinyl from other manufacturers except our PS4 wraps because of the quality. In reality, we do not only use 3M vinyl on any PS4 skin on our website; we also have many of the textures available exclusively for the company.

Enabled by our tremendous 3M stock power. Our exclusive use of 3M means that, regardless of what texture or color you choose, you'll never finish with a fake knockoff vinyl for your wrap. Our PS4 skins will be sure to adhere perfectly to your console and will not leave a sticky goo when you (if) want to pull it out.

The Best and Top-Quality PS4 Skins

Our PS4 skins provide:

  • unrivaled accuracy
  • high-quality components
  • super-fast application

Our exclusive use of the world's top-quality 3M products gives you faith in our audacious statements.

Your money is worth it if you buy a PS4 controller cover because you will feel left out without it. The very reason why you came to us is because of our accuracy, mastery, and experience in this field. We have customers all over the world.

It is a way of life, as demonstrated by the pictures and videos we make to make you a perfect PS4 wrap. Our PS4 controller cover is made for a trophy section to enhance the initially dull console. Literally, a higher, more reliable PS4 wrap than the ones you find here from us cannot be found elsewhere.

Customize your PS4 Controller cover the way you want

Take a second and check our customizer of PS4 skin. When you're done, come back here, we're going to wait. It has become a unique tool that helps you to have a live glimpse of just how your PS4 would look with our applied skin with your customization, which is the newest customization tool in place. We have a PS4 skin to fit your palate from Carbon Fiber through Matte Black, Bamboo, Mahogany, Marble from Concrete, and even Titanium and Leather. Use our customizer to make a look that is fully tailored for your PS4. You can adjust each of the four quadrants and the controller.

SUPER COVER - The SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4/SLIM/PRO) water transfer printing technology. Safety accuracy makes the hand feels relaxed and provides the video game gadgets with permanent protection.

ENHANCED GRIP – Non-slip surface gives improved grip, and high-quality material ensures better grip during play, avoids slip, and improves the gaming experience.

FULL COVERAGE - This ultra-thin skin protects the gamepad and absorbs small vibrations, scaling, and waste and allows quick access to all keys, ports, and controls.

THE BEST SECURITY – It defends your controller from scratches. With this silicone skin shell, keep your PS4 controller healthy and fresh in style. Protects your controller no matter if it is wireless or wired!