DJI Mavic Pro skins

The DJI Mavic Pro is a portable drone with a 4k camera and range of 7 km, with a max, ascend speed of 16.4 feet and to a max speed of 40 mph without wind, also a total of travel distance up to 13 km on a strong battery alone. It was released in 2016 by a Chinese technology company named DJI for professional and commercial aerial photography and videography use.


The camera in the drone has a sensor, still photography mode, and video recording modes with supported file systems and supported SD cards. The drone comes with a charger, remote control, intelligent flight battery, and can connect to Wi-Fi. It has an App for mobile phones and lives view mode.


The Mavic controller is more compact than the other DJI drones, it has fold-out grips for smartphones and even small-sized tables and a built-in flight information display. The Mavic itself has a switch that allows it to operate in Wi-Fi mode without the controller and can be accessed to all the flight functions thru the DJI Go app.

Why would you need DJI Mavic Pro skins?

Imagine you are on a field trip and decided to use the drone, but alas, you lost control due to high wind and it fell. With DJI Mavic Pro skins you can disguise the drone as a rock or even grass and prevent the drone to be stolen.

Or you can use the DJI Mavic Pro skins camouflage or any other skin, to take up-close videos of animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them. The different skins give you a varied selection for your drone.

The drone's unique design, makes it look like a large insect. Having DJI Mavic Pro skins instead of its cold metallic grey color, can give you more perks and abilities to make unusual and exceptional photographs or videos. With diverse skin collections to suit and fit the large clientele. There are skins by categories such as anime, movies, sport, cars, etc.

With DJI Mavic Pro skins, you can make your drone look like anything you want, allowing it to hide in plain sight. You can decorate it with skin to make it look more beautiful. If you have more than one drone of the same brand, you can use the skins made for each kind of drone to distinguish between them.

In addition, if you bought the drone for a child, you have skins from cartoons to make the drone look more appealing to the eye of the child. Or if they are for a woman, then there are skins with more soft and feminine colors