xbox 1 skin the Coolest Feature

xbox 1 skin the Coolest Feature

Xbox One is the best ever gaming console made by Microsoft Company in Nov 2013. You can get all in one feature in this console so that's why they named it as Xbox One. This device provides the 4K performance in gameplay and videos and it is more efficient than its competitors. Its users feel the true 4K game performance using the Xbox One console. Before this model company released the Xbox 360 in the market.


Xbox One is a powerful console that comes with the 8GB DDR3 and also 64-bit register is
included in the CPU. This device is giving a tough time to its competitors like Nintendo and Sony regarding its features and performance. CPU comprises the eight-core of processor and it comes with 3.2 GHz clock speed. These specifications provide us with improved
performance, showing us just like natural details, as well as Artificial Intelligence is also enhanced. All these specs make the gameplay smoother and fluent.
For the increase in graphics details, it comprises the 12 GB GDDR5 graphics card. This ultimately makes the gameplay smoother and efficient. As the load time is decreased by the graphics card which gives us the best result. The core of any gaming console is its CPU and GPU. So this device comes with the best GPU as well as CPU. For Xbox consoles, AMD makes its processors and it is the prime partner of the company.

Xbox 1 skin Design:

Xbox one design is a square shape and has a modern controller. It has a slightly smaller size and lightweight as compared to the Xbox X. This console originally comes with black and white color but you can give it a personalized touch using the awesome Xbox 1 skin. Each of its components can be covered with the decals like its D-pad, thumbsticks, and triggers. We are offering Xbox one skins with a great combination of colors and designs. Choose your beautiful Xbox one skin for your console and order it now.

Coolest Feature:

Xbox One comes with very cool features like you can control the console using your voice command. It consumes very low power when it is in standby mode. Let suppose you entered the room and shout as Xbox One so it will initiate the processing and power will be on.
You can also play different games with just using the voice command. Like you say that Xbox plays Call of Duty so in very less time it will start the game.

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