Re zero Anime

Re zero Anime

A legendary priest known throughout the land as The Red Priest, Re zero was born blind, which provokes him into finding a cure. He is believed to be Zelgadis' grandfather and great-grandfather, and "mercifully granted Zel power beyond comprehension" (which is how Rezo explains it) by turning him into a chimera. In searching for a cure for his eyes, Rezo learned all sorts of magic, but none of them helped him. He then finally came to the conclusion that the one and the only cure for his eyes would be to resurrect the dark lord Ruby Eye Shabranigdo using the legendary Philosopher's Stone. Unknown to the group at the time, he then planned to destroy the dark lord to prevent the destruction of the world, but everything goes wrong when Rezo and the group discover that Shabranigdo is sealed in Rezo's own eyes, which is the reason why his eyes are sealed. Rezo's body is overtaken by Shabranigdo, and that ends up killing the great priest.

Re zero the Red Priest

Re zero the Red Priest is one of the "Five Wisemen of the Age", a world-famous priest and healer. According to Zelgadis, Rezo is over a century old. However, he does not look his age. In the first novel, Lina describes him as looking "both young and old" at the same time. Rezo's only known relative is Zelgadis Gray words, who is either his grandson or great-grandson.

Re zero was born with one of the seven pieces of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo sealed within his eyes. As a result, he is gifted with superior magic ability but cursed with blindness. He began studying white magic in an effort to cure his blindness, not realizing its origin. Once he mastered white magic, he traveled the land healing the sick and blind, performing miracles. However, he was never able to cure his own eyes, so he turned to shamanism and black magic, becoming increasingly obsessed with finding any possible cure while the fragment of Shabranigdo corrupted his soul. He comes to the conclusion that Demon Lord Shabranigdo is the only one with enough power to cure him.

When Re zero finds the philosopher's stone, he resurrects the fragment of Shabranigdo, only then learning that it lies within his own eyes. Lina is able to defeat the Demon King using the incomplete Giga Slave and the Sword of Light, with help from Rezo's soul, but she kills the priest in the process. It is later revealed that Re zero survived by transferring his soul, as well as the ghost of Shabranigdo, into the Hell master’s Jar. When the Slayers find the Hell master’s Jar, Pokota resurrects Rezo in order to revive the people of Taforashia from their suspended state. After reviving the people of Taforashia, Rezo wants to see again, if only for a moment, so he opens his eyes. As the power of Shabranigdo returns to him, he asks Lina to destroy him once more. With the help of the completed Giga Slave, Lina destroys Re zero and the ghost of Shabranigdo with him.

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