The difference between PS5 and PS4

The difference between PS5 and PS4

The PlayStation 5 has been released, and it a major improvement from the PlayStation 4. With the brand new architecture, greater resolution support, and fast loading times due to the SSD, the PS5 is better than the PS4 in about every way. We know more about the next-generation console, from specifications to concept specifics and the planned gaming line-up. You can improve your PS5 with decals as it looks great, but there is still room for PS5 skins that will give
it the final touches it needs. However, if you compare PS4 skins, then the PS4 might win as it has been released for quite some time, and some fantastic decals have been released for it.


Both PS4 and PS5 are based on AMD Radeon customized processors, but the latter is far better. The double number of CUs on the PS5 and significantly higher clock speed make it a beast compared to PS4. But in the ever-important TFLOPs, the main difference between the 2 is. The PS4, with 18 CUs operating at 800 MHz, is designed to accommodate 1.84 TFLOPs and can thus handle 1.84 trillion points per second. The GPU of the PS5 in contrast to PS4 TFLOPs is
10.3. Greater resolution (8K) The rising graphical accuracy of PS5 possibly drives games into unparalleled resolutions. The PS5 supports 4K at 120Hz and 8K for the display, all with HDMI 2.1 variable refresh rate. In comparison, the PS4 base can produce 1080p resolution, and the PS4 Pro can generate a power output up to 4K.

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The Storage

The PS5 does not see a storage upgrade when compared to the PS4 Pro, at least. The PS4 base model with 500GB and PS5 with 825GB would be a little more storage. The biggest difference is efficiency. The PS5 features a custom SSD with a 5.5GB/s raw read bandwidth. The new Sony storage medium is specially developed for PS5 so that the architecture of PS5 can be improved
when coupling with a better combination of CPU and SSD. That why at first, the 825GB might look a little weird. Games can load faster than ever because of the new SSD, which is quicker. It helps not only the users but also the developers as they will view assets more freely. Because the PS5 storage is as quick as it is, files can be read in milliseconds from the shelf, which opens up many further opportunities in the view of game properties.

PS4 DualShock 4 vs. PS5 DualSense

In addition to the major changes between the two machines, the PS5 offers a new PlayStation controller that surpasses the DualShock. Instead, the PS5 comes with DualSense, a controller

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designed to boost battery life, with adjustable triggers and haptic feedback being the best addition. The concept of adaptive triggers improves the gameplay because it will adjust to what you are doing in-game. For example, the feeling will vary as a bow would feel entirely different from a shotgun, which will differ from an assault rifle.


This two-part solution to PS5 varies dramatically from the introduction of PS4, which was only possible on a single hard drive in 2013 and couldnt be customized, except for adding PS4 skins.
We had other iterations between then and now, such as the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim, but they all came out years apart. Another iterative generation can be expected, in which Sony produces
a smaller and more powerful PS5 variant. For now, we have the next-gen console PS5, which is already powerful but lacks a design that can be improved by using PS5 skins.

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