Play Station 5

Play Station 5


The next PlayStation console is on its way, and it's set to a bigger, better and more powerful gaming machine than any PlayStation before it. Whether it ends up being called the PS5, PlayStation 5, or otherwise is anyone's guess – but now we know for sure that the console is coming. 

  • What is it? The Sony PS5 will be the next-gen PlayStation console, replacing the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. 
  • When will it release? Not before mid-2020, but that's all we know for now. 
  • What can I play on it? Nothing's confirmed yet, but expect all of Sony's big franchises – as well as in-development exclusives like Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushima. 
  • Will PS5 have VR? Oh yes. The next-gen console will be compatible with current PSVR hardware. 
  • What will the PS5 cost? The PS4 and PS4 Pro were both $399 / £349 at launch, but we expect the PS5 will cost somewhat more. 

5 Things You Can Expect from The PlayStation 5: 

When we dream about the PS5, it’s easy to let our imaginations get away from us. It’s always fun to dream big, but what should we expect from the next PlayStation? Where do we draw the line between what is realistic and what is not? Below are five things we believe you can expect from the PS5. 

Native 4K Resolution (And Higher): 

4K gaming is an illusion right now unless you’re a PC gamer with a powerful rig. No one is getting all 4K all the time, regardless of the console. You can expect this to change on the PS5. 

Next Generation Virtual Reality (PSVR 2): 

we can expect a next generation VR headset when the PS5 launches. The PS4 Pro has already shown that some additional power really makes a difference in VR, so we can only imagine the leap that will happen when the PS5’s power is dedicated to virtual reality. 

An Optical Drive (With 4K Blu-Ray Support): 

the PS5 will most likely support 4K UHD Blu-rays. This is a feature that the Xbox One S and X support, but PS4 Pro does not. At the time of release, Sony said they believed 4K streaming was the future, but people were not happy about the lack of support for discs. While the backlash wasn’t incredibly high, it was enough to make some waves. Sony shouldn’t let something as simple as 4K Blu-ray support go to Microsoft as a win. We will see it on the PS5. 

Better Performance (Higher Frame Rates): 

some PC gamers are hitting 120 or even 240 frames-per-second, the sweet spot for most gamers is 60. A lot of games struggle to even hit that, but when they manage to make it work, it’s a very smooth experience. The PS5 will shoot for the stars, but I think a realistic expectation should be a 60 FPS standard on PlayStation 5 games. Anything lower will be for stylistic reasons, but the system will have no trouble hitting the 60 FPS mark. 

Photorealistic Graphics, Lighting, and Physics: 

I think we’re due for a generational leap, and that is why the PS4 Pro exists. It’s a stop-gap to keep gamers engaged while Sony lets technology reach a point where we can take that next leap. Not only will the graphics leap forward, but the experience will as well. During an interview, co-founder of Three Fields Entertainment Paul Ross, discussed what believes the next generation will be like. 

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