Skull and Bones ps4 skin : Everything you need to know

Skull and Bones ps4 skin : Everything you need to know

Skull and Bones is a bewildering open-world game where you play as a pirate roaming the vast seas. Ubisoft has accumulated tons of experience in creating ships, pirates, seas, and everything concerning pirates, all thanks to the Assassin's Creed series. It was then time to create a standalone pirate game that brought the idea of Skull and Bones to life. However, fans have been waiting for quite a while for its release. Ubisoft's Singapore studio is leading this project where players must cruise the sea and fight against other ships. It represents the first Division-driven project. To show their support for the game, many have already grabbed Skull and Bones ps4 skin.

Release Date

April 2021–March 2022 fiscal year will be the release date of Skull and Bones. At the press conference of Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, Ubisoft unveiled Skull & Bones. The release date was Q3/Q4 2018 originally, but it was pushed forward to 2019. It was delayed until 2020, and to everyone's surprise, Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, confirms that its release date has changed to April 2021-March 2022, at least. During this time, you can grab your ps4 skin featuring Skull and Bones.


Skull and Bones will launch on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but it might also be available for PS5 and Xbox X.

Skull & Bones Story So Far

The British Empire, along with its European rivals, control the Caribbean seas. Multitudes of trading routes sailed by hundreds of ships with their hulls packed to the edge with precious goods like spirits, gold, and exotic woods. Reserves like these made the Caribbean an ideal destination for pirates seeking wealth and fame endeavoring at the expense of the empires. By 1717, piracy had grown so much that it was no longer intolerable. Trades halted, and commerce ceased infuriating the rulers. Now someone had to do something to eradicate these pirates. The British Crown granted the King's pardon, extending mercy to the pirates who gave up their wicked ways and death to all those who deny. By December, over 200 pirates took King's pardon and gave up their pirate life for freedom. Some also converted from being pirates themselves to pirate hunters. Now, these pirate hunters helped the Empires to track down their past brothers and sisters. 1718 November. Everything had gotten even riskier for the few pirates left. All who failed to accept the King's Pardon were pushed farther and farther to pursue refuge and loot. For all that still defied and still lived in the Caribbean, their fight against the Empires was a losing one. The Empire performed the coup de grace on 22 November to pirates, flipping the infamous pirate Blackbeard off Carolina coast and allegedly killing him after a fight lasting three hours.

The Golden Era of Piracy suddenly and sorrowfully died with one of the notable pirate missing. Anne Bonny and Calico Jack's arrest in 1720 was the last nail in the Caribbean pirating coffin. The British Empire's navy moving down to the final holdouts of pirates in Africa, South America, and beyond with nearly everyone killed or forgiven. In the same period, new tales of plunder and fame from the Indian Ocean have reached the last remaining pirates – including you. The outstanding heists and glorious battles of La Buse, Henry Every, and Black Bart Roberts resonate with the notions of independence, richness, blood, and robbery. They have influenced you and your crew to make the hard, arduous trip to the Indian Ocean's waters for one final stand against the Empire.

Skull and Bones Reboot

After becoming quiet from 2018, sources explained to VGC, that Skull & Bones would get a "live" reboot. The pirate game will offer distinct new storylines and events, similar to other Ubisoft games like The Division. The community involved can decide what the game will lead to as this is what a "live" model means. The issue is the project's distinct identity because when compared with the flagship series of the business like Assassin's Creed Black Flag that influenced this pirate game. One of the unidentified sources confirmed to VGC that Ubisoft last year had rebuilt their distance from the program, which their AAA releases mostly mirrored. It reveals why we did not learn much about the game during Ubisoft Forward, despite a potential pirate ship being unveiled at E3 in 2018 as the last reference. The current approach would be accompanied by a "live" model with an on-going loop of long-term changes to tales and objectives influenced by the players.

Skull and Bones ps4 skin

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Skull and Bones is an inspiring project with many fans eager to get their hands on this title, but like many other great titles, it has been a victim of delays, which is killing its future player base. The decision to move from regular models to a live one like the one featured in Division has also been a significant reason for postponing. This step's arrival was due to Ubisoft's desire for a distinct identity for their standalone pirate game. Leadership over the game has also changed. The creative director is now editorial VP Elisabeth Pellen, and the former creative director Justin Farren moved to Wargaming studio. But hopefully, the game will release in 2021 along with the latest consoles so that fans get a bonus for waiting this long. Also, you can grab ps4 skin and decals for this game while you wait.

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