Disintegration ps4 decal

Disintegration ps4 decal

The upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi first-person shooter video game, Disintegration, is releasing in June 2020 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation-4, and Xbox One. This real-time strategy is the debut title for the developer V1 Interaction.


Disintegration is partly FPS (First Person Shooter) and partly RTS (Real-Time Strategy). The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. 

Disintegration is a potential warning call as the earth seems wrecked by climate changes. The abundance of citizens has led the community to fall, approaching humanity's annihilation. So a group of scientists experiments to cut out the brain of a human and put it into a robotic shell. This integration process seems not acceptable to some integrated rebels. They want to set themselves free from this integration and reboot humanity, retrieving their physical bodies.

Players will pick from a series of gravcycle crews with different abilities to encounter other players’ gravcycle in the air or the enemy on the ground. The player controls the protagonist piloting a gravcycle. From this ship, threatening the combat ground, the player will command his robot-hero troops and direct them towards enemies, ensuring their survival in the battle. The player will direct his crew to detain opposition and carry flags across the map.

The player along with his team will have a set of weapons to use while floating above the ground in their ship. You can also swap between weapons to deal with different kinds of damage in different types of situations.

In addition to allocating situation to your troops, you as a player can also cast abilities while fighting. These may include slowing down clusters of enemies or causing turmoil on the map.

It’s all about presenting the best combo of shooting skills and perfect placement of troops with well-assigned abilities. Only in this way, you will be able to advance in the battle towards victory. 

Disintegration ps4 decal

You can now reboot your PS4 console with a completely new look by decorating it with a Disintegration ps4 decal.

Uncompromised quality material:

High-quality vinyl -used to make PS4 cover- guarantees protection of your console from dust and notches. PS4 covers are available in several themes, textures, and colors. The quality adhesive on the PS4 decal ensures bubble-free application, perfect sticking, and leaves no residue on removal. A super simple installation of PS4 decal is another plus.

Precision Cut:

A PS4 cover is precisely cut to entirely and accurately cover your PS4 console. We can, therefore, say that a PS4 cover is fully compatible with your console. The beautiful and stylish PS4 decal turns your boring console into an exciting trophy piece.

Customized Decal:

Some online stores also offer customization of PS4 decal according to your imagination. If you want to give your console a dream look, it is also possible as several PS4 decal customizers are offering a PS4 decal of your choice ensuring the same quality material and precision cut.


PS4 cover for your PS4 console in the Disintegration theme is also made public in online stores to enhance your gaming experience of the upcoming first-person shooter and real-time strategy video game-Disintegration.

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