Best PS4 Skins for gaming console

Best PS4 Skins for gaming console

The PlayStation 4 is an eighth-generation gaming console made by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Announced as the successor to the PS3 in February 2013. PS4 was launched on 15 November in North America, 29 November in Europe, Australia and South America. On 22 February 2014, it was launched in Japan. It competes with Nintendo's Wii U, Switch and Microsoft's Xbox One.

It is significantly increased its features in term of loading time, graphics and Graphical User Interface. PS4 is cheaper as compared to the Xbox One. But it has better features comparatively.


The PS4 uses an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) made by AMD in collaboration with Sony. It combines a CPU and GPU as well as other components such as a video decoder and a memory controller. The CPU contains two quad-core Jaguar modules totaling 8 x86-64 cores. Seven of which are available for the use of game developers. The GPU consists of eighteen compute units to make a theoretical high performance of 1.84 TFLOPS. The system's GDDR5 memory is able to run at a maximum clock speed of 2.75 GHz (5500 MT/s) and has the highest memory bandwidth of 176 GB/s. The console includes 8 GB of GDDR5 memory.


PS4 is light-weighted as compared to the previous console PS3. PS3 was a little bit arched but it is flat.  Here you can find the best PS4 skins to give a personalized touch to your console. Different decal's designs are available to change the appearance of your console according to your choice. Our best PS4 skins designs let your console an amazing and eye-catching look. Decals are easy to peel off and use on the device.


The PS4's operating system is called the "Orbis Operating System. It based on a customized FreeBSD 9. The console doesn't require an Internet facility for usage. Although additional functionality is available when there is an internet connection. It is the first to have a WebKit-based browser for web experience, which is different from the predecessor NetFront browser. This browser is based on the same advanced WebKit core as Safari and Google Chrome. It gives high compatibility in HTML5 compliance testing.

This device has a customizable menu interface. It is "PlayStation Dynamic Menu" which emphasizing a variety of color schemes. The interface displays the profile of player, notifications, recent activity and other details including the unlocked trophies. It enables multiple user accounts in which all of them have their own passcodes. Each player account has the choice to share their real name with their friends or use a nickname in other circumstances when anonymity is important.

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