Xbox series x skin for future gaming consoles 

Xbox series x skin for future gaming consoles 


Xbox Series X codenamed “Project Scarlet” is no doubt the future of gaming consoles, better than ever. This upcoming gadget has improved features for a better experience. Preorder a gorgeous Xbox Series X skin that is already available in the market to customize your future console.

Release: Xbox Series X will (hopefully) release in the last quarter of 2020.

Type: It is a home video game console, succeeding Xbox One.

Cost: The cost of Xbox Series X will be no less than 500 USD.

Expectations from Xbox Series X:

Backward Compatibility:

Xbox Series X will be fully compatible with all games, controllers, and accessories supported by Xbox One.

Updated Wireless Controller

Xbox Series X will come with an updated version of the wireless Xbox One controller with an added “share” button to record and share video clips or screenshots from the gameplay.

Reduce Loading Time:

Decrease loading time in Xbox Series X ensures the joy of more play-time and less wait-time.

4K visuals:

With 12teraflops of realistic graphic performance, Xbox Series X will target 4K UHD visuals at 60fps. Yet it will have the ability to support up to 8K UHD resolution at 120fps.

Better performance:

Speed and performance capabilities of Xbox Series X will improve due to the revolutionary combo of hardware, custom 1TB SSD, and CPU along with deep software integration. 

Bluetooth Low Energy standard:

Xbox Series X will be supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) standard to let pair with mobile devices and other hardware supporting the same standard.

Most powerful console:

Custom design AMD’s latest Zen2 and RDNA 2 are the architecture of Xbox Series X make it the most powerful console ever. 


Developers can now build games using the Xbox Series X development kit, taking advantage of its unique capabilities like exceptionally reduced load times, stunning visuals, responsiveness, and frame rates up to 120fps. 

According to Microsoft, Xbox Series X will be able to support four generations of games as all games playable on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox console could be played on it.

Xbox Series X skin:

Precision fitted Xbox Series X skin provides a customized look to your console along with protection from dust and scratches.

Xbox Series X decal:

A variety of Xbox Series X decal will leave you struggling to choose one for your console. These decals completely cover your console so that it can be an ultimate personalized Xbox Series X.

LookXbox Series X skin is a full-body wrap that will give your gadget a look like no other. 

ProtectionAlong with stunning texture and look, quality 3M vinyl Xbox Series X decal provides durability to your console by protecting its surface from dust and scratches.

Quality adhesive: Unique quality adhesive of Xbox Series X skin ensure easy bubble-free installation, repositioning, and removal of Xbox Series X decal without doing any harm to your console.

Summing Up:

A premium quality 3M vinyl Xbox Series X skin will be well-suited with the future gaming console Xbox Series X console. So, get ready for a new adventure.

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