XBOX ONE - The microsoft gaming console

XBOX ONE - The microsoft gaming console

Microsoft launched Xbox in the international market in November 2001, commencing a new era of gaming. Xbox is a video game brand owned by Microsoft, showcasing a series of video game consoles that can be connected to your television or any other display device. It offers high-quality graphics for various games, enhancing your gaming experience.


Xbox One is the third console of the x box series, released by Microsoft in November 2013. It is an eighth-generation console and is considered an all-in-one entertainment system, therefore named Xbox One.


Best Xbox one Skins for Xbox one console

Xbox is a video gaming console owned and made by Microsoft. It represents a series of video game consoles made by Microsoft, with three consoles launched in the 6th, 7th, and 8th generations, respectively. The brand also represents game applications, an online service by the name of Xbox Live, streaming services and the development arm by the name of Xbox Game Studios. The brand was first launched in the United States in Nov 2001, with the release of the original Xbox console.

The original device was the first video game console given by a US company after the Atari Jaguar Company stopped sales in 1996. It approached over twenty-four million units sold as of May 2006. The Xbox One has been launched in 21 markets in total, including a Chinese release in Sep 2014. The Phil Spencer is the head of Xbox, who replaced the former head, Marc Whitten, in March 2014.


Xbox's CPU is a 32-bit run on 733 MHz. It is a custom Intel Pentium 3 Coppermine-based processor. It has a 64-bit, 133 MHz GTL plus FSB (front-side buses) with a 1.06 GB/sec bandwidth. The system has 64 MB combined DDR SDRAM, with a 6.4 GB/sec bandwidth, of which 1.06 GB/sec is used by the CPU and 5.34 GB/sec is shared by the rest of the system.

Its GPU is Nvidia's and has 233 MHz NV2A. The device has a floating-point performance of 7.3 GFLOPS and capable of geometry calculations for up-to a general 115 million vertices/sec. It has a peak fillrate of 932 MP/sec, capable of rendering a hypothetical 29 million 32-pixel triangles/sec. With bandwidth limitations, the device has a realistic fillrate of 250 to 700 megapixels/sec, with Z-buffering, alpha blending, fogging, and texture mapping which gives it a real-world performance of 7.8 to 21 million 32-pixel triangles/sec.

Key features of an Xbox One console includes

1. A wireless controller

The wireless controller features

  • Ten digital buttons accompanying a syncing button
  • Two analog triggers
  • Two analog sticks
  • A digital D-pad

2. A power brick

This external fan-assisted power supply can be connected to the console via a hard wires DC power cable.

3. Kinect sensor

The Kinect sensor provides not only motion tracking feature, but it also enables players to give voice commands

4. Cloud computing and social networking

 Xbox One puts a considerable emphasis on cloud computing and social networking, thus allowing the player to record and share his game-play in the form of videos or screenshots and sharing it with friends. Live streaming of the game-play is also possible when playing on Xbox One.

Microsoft has revised Xbox One thrice bringing various changes to its design and functioning of the controller.

Xbox one skin | Console skins world


To protect your gaming console from dust and scratches, and to give it a spectacular look, several Xbox One skins are available in different attractive, colorful and textured themes.

Xbox One skins are thin smooth vinyl protective coatings that cover your console completely. These Xbox one decals are uniquely designed to add beauty and style to your Xbox One console along with protecting it from nicks and notches.


  1. Protective layer: Xbox one skins protective layer over your console protect it from dust and scratches.
  2. Stylish look: Xbox one decals give your Xbox One console a unique and fashionable look
  3. Compatibility: Xbox one decals are entirely compatible with the x box one consoles.
  4. Easy application and removal: Application and removal of Xbox One skins are very easy, bubble-free and non-messy.
  5. Enhanced performance: Xbox one decals improve your performance during your gaming experience.


  1. Clean your console with alcohol wipes
  2. Peel off the Xbox One skin or decal
  3. Align the skin carefully and apply carefully
  4. Remove Xbox One skin or decal slowly if not aligned correctly and repeat step 3.


Xbox One’s advanced powerful gaming features such as UHD display, voice recognition, motion sensor, cloud computing, video sharing, etc. make it stand out from other gaming consoles. Attractive Xbox One skins also improve your gaming experience in addition to protecting your console from dust and notches and giving it a fabulous look.

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