Why Online Arcade Games Are More Than Old School Gaming

Why Online Arcade Games Are More Than Old School Gaming

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention the arcade game? For some, it is reminiscent of their childhood and teenage days while the rest would love to term it as pure ‘old school gaming’.

There isn’t an iota of doubts that these games are old and perhaps as old as some of the people playing them or perhaps even older, but terming them as ‘old school gaming’ doesn’t quite give you the true picture of arcade gaming. Yes, the very popularity generated in the 80s and these games were at their peak in the 90s before the IT revolution changed the world completely. Here are some reasons why they are much more than old school gaming -

They are popular in their own right…

There are some who casually dismiss free online arcade games as being popular only because of nostalgia. Yes, these games were at their peak of popularity in the dad’s and mom’s teenage but they have become popular again. It is isn’t only the kids of the 80s and 90s who are grownups now playing these games but even the millennial population has developed a craze for these games. You may ask the reasons for this and one of those could be the simplicity of these games. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket and get the latest gaming rigs to play these games. Your legacy PC or a budget smartphone is enough to try out arcade games online. Talk about the genre of games available and you’d be spoilt for choice between racing games, FPS games, strategy games, mind games and much more. The kind of choices available and that too for free have made these games popular and the number of active players is growing exponentially every year.

They are high on entertainment value…    

Ask any gamer why does he or she indulge in gaming? Gamers would say in one voice ‘entertainment’. And this cuts across everyone – from amateurs who play games in between busy work schedules to those who can’t hit the bed without having spent hours on the latest gaming consoles. If ‘entertainment value’ is the parameter to judge the success of any game, free online arcade games aren’t surely behind. While they might not offer you the 3D immersive experience of the modern AAA Titles there is surely no lack of entertainment in these games. You can immerse in them for days or get your little dose of entertainment while taking the train to your workplace. The choice of entertainment is just unlimited.

They don’t lead to societal problems…      

If you are someone who has been following the gaming industry you’d have come across numerous stories of games leading people to commit suicides and even those that have led to accidental deaths by putting gamers in the harm’s way. Without naming any of these games many of the popular gaming titles are causing irreparable damage to the society. As a caring human being, you’d surely want yourself and your loved ones to stay away from such games and at the same time not starve for the entertainment that gaming offers. If you have such concerns arcade games online would be your perfect choice. They are pure entertainment and don’t deviate your mind from other important things in life. They simply relax your mind and allow you to do other things in life more actively and productively rather than driving you toward the ills of gaming that society at large is talking about.

To conclude free online arcade games is much more than old school gaming. They are entertaining and mesmerizing in their own right. Try them once and you will never get enough of them.

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