Why did mobile app style games change the game market?

Why did mobile app style games change the game market?

Before mobile games came into action most gamers where people who played general on game consoles like the Snes  or Megadrive or more modern Xbox

initially during this period what happened which made a lot of women in no small amount enter into the game area since now they could download games or play  games wherever they are not be tied to having to play by a game console which made a giant amount of women come into this area to play a lot of different types of games such as some play.

Flappy bird, cartoon style for many of them, Facebook games the most popular included.

Candy Crush Saga  this was overall very popular since it was easy to play game since a lot of people don't like over complex games since a game is generally something people use to relax unless they are proper gamers this game was based on the famous Tetris style game of the past but a more easy version of this.

Criminal Case  became very liked by many players since many people all around the world integrated by  crime and having a way to solve this gives people if you like amusing and exciting thing to do in people spare times since a lot of people end up doing jobs which relate this such as you say work in security catching shoplifters or if you are shop manager finding out who is making a mistake then training them how to fix that mistake.

Moster Legend became quite famous for two reasons many of us whatever age we have if you like interest towns farms or farming in general so having game which applies some level of similarity to farms can draw in players and having monsters you can use to form teams to fight other ones is overall great fun game to play.

Dragon city has quite a lot of fans over two ideas where the game has a lot of fun many people all around the world are interested in dragons  over the idea of them being loud and dangerous or sometimes if you like heroic in storylines blowing fire as well so having game where you can basically if you want train dragons while having if you like farmer themed role it  was big part of why this one got many fans fast.


Angry Birds Friends became popular over the style is like an arcade game and also through the Angry bird's movie and many kids have toys from the game and movie a like so it took the internet by if you like storm very fast.

Pet Rescue Saga is another Tetris style game but part of what makes this favorite easy to play and since you, in theory, save animals during the time you are playing it draws into some degree a range of animal lovers to it.

Bejeweled Blitz is a game where you try and explode as many gems as popular within 1 minute which gives gamers from this an addictive feel to part of what made this became quite popular with lots of different persons.

 Zynga Poker or Texas Holdem Poker this is quite desire app to download since many people play Poker all around the world it's quite cool you can play these for free without the trouble of having to go to Casino  or meeting people to play against them doing it from your home is very cool thing to be able to do overall.

Top Eleven Soccer Manager, this style of game, has excited for a long time and it's popular as not really gone down since many   men mainly has a desire to run a football club as a football manager and some people in the past who were good at this used this as training to become manager of a real football club and a lot of them did very well at this career from just  using this .

SongPop 2 is where you hear the music of band or artist, and you try, and guest who it was this can create a lot of fun for people since many people enjoy a style where it works like gameshow where you try and solve questions.

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