Wasteland 3 Xbox one decals

Wasteland 3 Xbox one decals

Wasteland 2 was a great game, and it was about time its sequel showed up. The long-awaited sequel managed to raise whopping $3 Million and in 2018 inXile was bought by Microsoft. Now with the aid of Microsoft, this project is aiming for the sky and will give its fans what they have been waiting for since 1988! With all this, the fans are already collecting Wasteland 3 Xbox one decals of Wasteland 3 to show their support and love for this project.

Release Date of Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3's release date was postponed a couple of times, first in 2019 and again in May 2020. The initial 2019 development date was a little more optimistic for InXile, who said it would only launch in the future, but due to funding from its new parent company Microsoft, it was able to hire more staff. Wasteland 3 is going to be out on August 28, 2020.

What's new about Wasteland 3?

Wasteland 3 will feature multiplayer for the first time in the franchise so you will play as a two-player co-op via the main quest. And if only one participant is online, the game can proceed, and you can move in and out anytime you choose. Though, there would be a few fixed points in the timeline that can activate while all players are active. If a player exits the game, it isn't a huge deal: if you like you can move the game-saving to a single-player campaign.

The revamped dialogue scheme is based on the Tides of Numen era, which was used in Torture. The dialogue sequences are branching with different outcomes that open or shut down depending on the user's choices. Some choices will occur only if you have special abilities in your characters.

Wasteland 3 introduces vehicles in the show, which you can operate and use to store supplies around the globe. Their installed weapons are useful during any combat. You can take shelter, too behind your cars. The first car that you get will be knocked down, but you can find others as you move through the game. You will be able to change its components as well using the parts you find.

Start of story

The Desert Rangers have been left without a right base of operations after Wasteland 2. The Patriarch of Colorado Springs – mainly the regional leader – called them to help him prevent his nation from falling apart. In exchange for this favor, the Rangers will receive all the resources they need to rebuild. To get in touch with the Patriarch, the Rangers sent a team named Team November, but things did not go as they had planned. You don't know exactly what happened, but you start the game as the lone survivor of Team November waking up on a frozen soil full of killer cults, vicious gangs, and abandoned technology.

Wasteland 3 Xbox one decals

There are plenty of Wasteland 3 Xbox one decals that provide quality and increase the looks of your setup. Here are some of the features of Xbox one decals:

  • Vivid vinyl Xbox one decals with extreme detail.
  • These Xbox one skins are scratch proof meaning they are built to last.
  • It is guaranteed not to fade due to high-quality material in these Xbox one decals.
  • Precise fit ensuring these Xbox one skins fit perfectly.


The inXile is also working on remastering the original Wasteland, but by the looks of it, everything seems altered, and it wouldn't be odd to call it a full remaster.

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