Vampire: the masquerade – bloodlines 2

Vampire: the masquerade – bloodlines 2

Hard suit Labs developed this upcoming action role-playing video game, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines2 as a sequel to 2004 released Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines. Publishers Paradox Interactive will release the game for Microsoft Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in 2020, offering single-player mode.


The game can be played in a first-person perspective as well as a third-person perspective in some specific situations.

Before the game starts, players create a vampire character selecting a human background, which will offer different dialogue and interactive options accordingly. After starting the game, the thin-blood must opt for the vampire powers from one of the three disciplines. These are

  • Chiropteran. (ability to glide and summon bats)
  • Mentalism. (ability to levitate objects and people)
  • Nebulation. (ability to summon mist, obscure the character or transform into mist)

He can now join one of the five full-blood clans. The full-blood clans are:

  1. The Brujah. They are the idealists who excel at fighting; they can increase their speed and potency for severe damage.
  2. The Tremere. They are untrustworthy and can use blood magic and have enhanced senses.
  3. The Toreador. They are closest to humanity and possess swiftness. They can also command the loyalty of others.
  4. The Venture. They are noble and influential leaders. They can repel or absorb attacks and control the will of others.
  5. The Malkavians. They are cursed with insanity or blessed with insight. They can also boost their senses and obstruct their victim’s mind.

The developers hope to include more clans after the release.

Players can ally with five factions that are shaped by ideology rather than ability. This ideology will verify their friends and foe. You can join multiple factions simultaneously.

For the survival of the player, blood is necessary. You can feed on living beings (not necessarily humans) by taking some or all of their blood. Players are punished for using particular abilities in front of humans that expose their identity.

Some actions also cost you humanity points like killing innocents etc. If you have lower humanity score, you will be close to becoming a mindless beast. So save your humanity points and use your extraordinary senses to sense the Resonance in the blood of human victims that indicate their current emotional states like fear, desire, pain, guilt, or anger.

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