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Updates on Spelunky 2

Updates on Spelunky 2

Having been delayed a couple of times before, Spelunky 2 gave its fans a hard time. But the good news is the devs have announced that they are going all in to make it happen in 2020! Developer Derek Yu now revealed that sometime later this year, the marvelous hit Indie platformer will be released. Derek Yu also appeared in the PlayStation Blog to reassure players that the development is going on and also revealed new pictures of the rogue sequel. He also briefly explained the updates and changes they brought, which included vibrant graphics. So make sure to grab the new Spelunky inspired ps4 pro cover and ps4 wrap.

Visual changes

Many viewers posted their thoughts on the Spelunky 2 trailer, which caught the team's eye. They took those thoughts and implemented those ideas in-game to make it look and feel better. It was the first thing Derek Yu focused on at the start of his blog. It showed that the studio is listening to its fans. The visual changes brought about were not only aesthetic but also focused on what is intractable and what is not. Moreover, the lightning and liquids are more vibrant than ever, making the world feel more lively and dynamic. These fantastic visuals have made Spelunky's ps4 pro cover and ps4 wrap a lot better, don't forget to check them out.

Sound and Characters

The whole world looks and feels the same, even with the new elements. Spelunky fans who have been supporting it for a long time can also find some well-known faces among Spelunky 2's lively community of new NPCs! They will most likely carry the story and support the new characters. One of the left out things is audio. The new dynamic, multi-layered sound scene, created by Eirik Suhrke, who worked on Spelunky 1, is far more captivating than the first game. Each location has a unique sound setting and a set of sound effects associated with each creature, trap, element, and surface. It sounds much different falling on the grass in the Forest as compared to landing on a transport belt in Volcano. It may be more subtle, but it adds a lot to each area’s distinctive feeling.

Minor Adjustments

There are a lot of minor adjustments made to the game like progression through caves, journals, menus, making friends, which have left a lot of impacts on the game. The details were not briefly disclosed by Derek Yu in his blog, stating that he is saving this information for another time.

Derek Yu also described in detail the work done on the improvement of Deathmatch mode for Spelunky 2. He also compared above what players had in the original game by stating that they improved it massively by referring to UI and other improvements to the quality of the game. However, Derek Yu is showing progress in terms of the components to the highly anticipated sequel without the start date or window, which leaves fans without a release date except to hope for its release in the year 2020. For now, you can get ps4 pro cover and ps4 wrap featuring Spelunky so that you mine in style.

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