Upcoming xbox one skins for xbox one games for 2021

Upcoming xbox one skins for xbox one games for 2021

Pandemic Covid-19 has affected the world economy to a great extent. Despite that, Microsoft, the developer of the Xbox series, is hopeful of getting huge business in the coming year 2021. Hence a few Xbox One games are in their development process, all set to come out in 2021. It is good news for ambitious gamers. So Keep your Xbox one consoles ready all protected embellished with high-quality vinyl Xbox one skin.

Some of the Upcoming Xbox one skins you must be looking forward to being your next adventure is as follows:

  • Curse of the sea rats
  • One hand clapping
  • A juggler’s tale
  • Skull and bones

Curse of the sea rats:

The curse of the sea rats is an upcoming exploration-focused, side-scroller role-playing video game. Platoon studio is planning to release this game in the forthcoming year, 2021, as the first Metroidvania featuring rats.

The game features four playable characters in single-player and local multiplayer modes. It wants the players to investigate 11 different scenarios on the coast of Ireland in 1777.

One hand clapping:

Developer’s bad dream games, and publisher handy game is releasing one hand clapping for Xbox one in the year 2021.

This 2D unique puzzle game offers players to sing some high and low notes into their microphones to solve puzzles and move ahead in the game.

A Juggler’s Tale:

A Juggler’s Tale is an atmospheric 3D puzzle side-scroller with a convincing story and surprising twists. Developers Kaleidoscube is releasing this game for Xbox One in the year 2021.

The game is set all-around a string puppet Abby, imprisoned in a traditional circus. Abby escapes the circus and enters an amazing but mean world full of betrayals and traps. The link between the modern gaming technology and regular string attached puppets of the circus has set the game out of the ordinary.

Skull and bones:

Ubisoft, the publisher, and developer of the skull and bones is releasing this game for Xbox one in 2021. The game revolves around piracy and naval warfare.

Players controlling a customizable pirate captain will have to get loot and become a powerful pirate. You will get lots of ways to customize your ship according to the scenario.

Keep your Xbox one consoles protected to experience the abovementioned gaming adventures. For this purpose, you can use our Xbox one skin that will not only protect your Xbox one console from dust and scratches but also beautify it.

Some of the features due to which Xbox one skins are highly recommended are as follows:

Compatible: Xbox one skin is fully compatible with the Xbox one console.

Easy to install and remove: Xbox one skin is easy to install and remove. High-quality adhesive ensures non-messy application and goof-free removal of Xbox one skin.

Protection: Xbox one skin protects your console from dust and scratches, not affecting the console’s performance.

Beautified console: You can add beauty and style to your console by using various colorful texture and themed Xbox one skins.

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