Upcoming ps4 games for 2021

Upcoming ps4 games for 2021

The year 2021 will start a new era of development for the video gaming world as developers are already prepared with some fascinating video games to be released in 2021. So keep your PS4 console ready, all decked out with beautiful PS4 Skin to have excellent gaming experience.

After all the current chaos and unrest due to pandemic COVID-19, the year 2021 will optimistically bring hope, prosperity, and development to the whole world. 

Upcoming PS4 games for 2021:

Several video games developers have planned quite a few video games to be made public in the upcoming year 2021. Some of these are:

  • Curse of the Sea Rats
  • One Hand Clapping
  • A Juggler’s Tale
  • Chained Echoes
  • Skull and Bones

So PS4 Skin is a necessity for the gamers who want to explore these games.

Curse of the Sea Rats:

Publishers Petoons studio is planning to release this exploration-focused side-scroller role-playing game in the year 2021 for PS4 consoles.

According to the publishers, the curse of the sea rats is going to be the first Metroidvania starring rats. The game features a group of heroes who have been transformed into rats by a pirate witch. To break the spell, they need to rescue the admiral’s son.

Beautifully hand-drawn animations and 2.5D graphics have added to the splendor of the game.

One Hand Clapping:

Developers Bad Dream Games and publishers Handy Games will also release this unique 2D musical puzzle game for PS4 in 2021.

Players in this game will sing into their microphones to solve musical puzzles interacting with charming characters in the unique silent world having a lot of musical potentials.

A Juggler’s Tale:

This atmospheric 3D puzzle PS4 side-scroller is developed by Kaleidoscube and published by Mixtvision set to be released in 2021.

The game is set all-around a string attached puppet Abby that escapes from her captors into a wonderful yet dangerous world jam-packed with traps and betrayal.

Chained Echoes:

Developer Mathias Linda is releasing Chained Echoes for PS4 in 2021. This classic 2D-RPG is a combination of a fantasy magic world and modern mechanics and airships.

Players will control some charming characters facing fierce foes and try to bring peace to the continent that is in a state of war for long.

Skull and Bones:

Developer and publisher Ubisoft has announced this upcoming action video game to be released for PS4 in March 2021.

Players control a customizable pirate captain sailing through the Indian Ocean, gathering riches and collecting additional ships loaded with deadly weapons.

To have a great experience of the games mentioned above, you need to keep your console safe, protected from scratches and dust. Easy-to-apply PS4 Skin is perfect for this purpose. PS4 Skin not only protects your PS4 console from dust and scratches but also gives it a stylish customized look.


PS4 Skin made of high-quality vinyl is fully compatible with the PS4 console. Colorful and textured themes of PS4 Skin have made them an essential need of your PS4 console so that your console is all protected to experience the upcoming PS4 games in the year 2021.

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