The key differences between Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

The key differences between Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

In 2019 a Lite model of Nintendo Switch was released which was way cheaper than the original. The original Nintendo's purpose is to be more portable and more comfortable to carry, something that consoles do not provide. The Liter version is more portable and cheaper to compete with similar gaming devices and attract casual gamers. Both of these have similarities as well, like tons of switch sticker and decals. But does that mean it is better than the original? Let's find out the critical differences between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite

The Switch Mode

The name Nintendo Switch not only refers to Nintendo changing lives but also the way it switches from a handheld gaming device to a home console. The idea of a portable device that can be attached to a TV was revolutionising. However, the Lite version doesn't support this functionality.

The Switch part also encompasses the fact that Joy-Cons can be detached at any time but not in the case of Switch Lite. You can attach controllers wirelessly to the Switch Lite for games that do not allow handheld mode. However, if you purchase separate Joy-Cons, you would still require a Joy-Con Charging Grip to charge them.

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Battery Life

The original Switch had a moderate battery life, which lasted between 2.5 and 6.5 hours. The varying numbers are because the type of game being run plays an important role. Nintendo also launched a newer switch model HAC-001(-01) with a bigger battery life of 4.5 to 9 hours. The Switch Lite's battery lasts around 3 to 7 hours which is a bit longer than the original but a lot lesser than the new model.

Screen size and resolution

Both consoles are only 14mm thick and due to the larger screen – about 30mm wider, the original Switch is slightly bigger. Hence, Switch Lite is easier to carry. The standard Switch including the Joy-Cons weighs only 400 g, while the Switch Lite is more than 100g light at 278g in weight. Although the screen of the Switch is vast, the screens are also almost identical. The Switch has a 6.2" LCD, and a 5.5" LCD is available on Switch Lite. Both are 720p resolution, vivid and vibrant touch screens. As the sizes differ, the switch sticker differs too but don't worry as these decals come in all shapes and size too like the Switch models.


The Switch measures 9.4 cm long and 4 cm high when attached with Joy-Cons, whereas measuring 8.2 cm long and with 3.6 cm height the Switch Lite is slender compared to the prior one.

Compared to the Switch Lite, the original Switch configuration has some advantages but drawbacks too when considering portability. It is still bigger, and the elimination of the Joy-Cons means that it unintentionally gets loose when rolled around in a pocket or purse. However, the device has a kickstand that allows you to stand it on a table and use it as a tabletop system with the wireless Joy-Cons.


The standard Nintendo Switch offers a lot like detachable Joy-Cons, longer battery life, larger screen, connection to TV and tons of other functions. However, the Switch Lite doesn't lack behind at all because it provides the same gameplay and resolution in a smaller size. Hence, making gaming easier on the go easier. We can't say which one is better because the Lite version is portable and packs the same punch as standard, but the standard has a larger screen and more functions. Thus it all comes down to the need, and personal preference like some people prefer Assasin's creed switch sticker, and some prefer Mario.

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