The 5 Best Tools for Making Engaging Videos

The 5 Best Tools for Making Engaging Videos

 The video is an art that is increasingly widespread and accessible to everyone.

The diffusion of digital technologies and devices has, in fact, increased the possibilities of using audiovisuals, allowing even non-experts to try their hand at producing video content.

Added to this is the great ability of this kind of content to attract and engage users.

In this article, we put at your disposal a list of 5 useful tools for creating videos for the web, among which you can choose the one that best meets your needs and with which you are better.

Choose among these video tools the one that's right for you

Whether you need to create animated videos to promote a business or simply perform video editing of a friend's wedding, you do not need to hire a professional if you have video creation tools like these available.

Let's start our roundup by telling you about Prezi. It is essentially a presentation tool, but it also allows you to create videos using screen recording tools. You can create fun presentations and customize them quickly by taking care of details such as font sizes and angles and adding audio clips and more. It also has numerous presets of import and conversion functions (from PowerPoint for example).

Slidely Show is one of the easiest-to-use video tools because it allows you to create short video slideshows from photos and images. You can also organize a sequence of multimedia elements and add effects in real time, music and even a message and create stunning videos in minutes.

If you are looking for a tool to shoot clips and make videos, Magisto can be an excellent solution. It allows you to shoot video clips, add photos, insert audio clips or voice recordings and add other audiovisual content. It has an integrated editor with which you can select the best clips and manage the whole editing process. You can also set a style or theme by adding professional effects, transitions, zoom and pan options to give movement to static shots.

Like Magisto, Animoto also lets you choose photos and clips and turn them into video presentations. Although it does not allow you to capture photos or videos through the app itself, Animoto offers a nice collection of media from which you can draw even more than 2000 free audio tracks. In Animoto there are storyboard presets and specific features to add voiceovers, custom texts and various layout configuration options. Finally, Animoto allows you to create HD videos and download them in MP4 format.

Flixpress is easy to use and creates high quality videos for less than $ 1 a month. It is suitable for both professional and amateur use and allows direct sharing on social media. It offers numerous predefined templates, including some free and others for a fee. It provides objects, photos and audio libraries but also allows you to upload and add your own.

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