Tell me why xbox one wraps

Tell me why xbox one wraps

Tell Me Why is a narrative-adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Xbox Game studios for Xbox one and Microsoft Windows. The game is releasing across mid-2020 in three episodes. Tell me why Xbox one wraps are here to protect your consoles from dust and notches and provide a better gaming experience.

Tell me why Xbox one wraps:

Tell Me Why the latest narrative thriller is, featuring the twins Tyler and Alyson who came together after 10 years of separation. They will use their special bond to untangle the mysteries of their loving yet distressed childhood.

 The game is set in a beautiful small town Alaska and features convincing characters, mesmerizing themes, and fascinating choices.

Tyler, one of the protagonists, is the first transgender playable character any studio has released so far. The use of a transgender person is very rare for a video game, but the developers, Dontnod Entertainment have taken this bold step.

The story involves how the childhood memories of the twins have influenced Tyler’s development and affected their mother.

The games' main characters, Alyson and Tyler, visit their childhood home and recollect their memories and experiences. Player won't just play as Alyson or Tyler, but both. The twins can recall their memories, experience them once again, and share them. But as they have been separated for ten years, they might have a different perspective.

Players will let the twins revisit various parts of their old house where they experience separate visions and memories of what had happened long ago. Players will have to make decisions for the twins and make choices based on their version of past events to believe. These decisions will define the course of their future life.

If you are eager to experience the thrill of Tell Me Why shortly, keep your Xbox one consoles safe and prevent them from getting scratched or dusty. For this purpose, you might like our Xbox One covers with uncompromising quality. Various colorful themed and textured Xbox One wraps and covers offer unlimited customization of your Xbox one console.


  1. Unique designs: Xbox one wraps are professionally designed pieces of art.
  2. Protection: Xbox One wrap provides protection from dust as well as scratches.
  3. Precision: Xbox one covers are precisely cut to fit the Xbox one console.
  4. Easy Installation: Xbox one covers are easy to install and remove. No gooey residue remains on the console after the removal of Xbox One wrap.
  5. Style: Xbox One wrap adds style to your console by giving it a trendy look.


Follow these simple steps to give your console a brand new and stylish look.

  1. Clean the surface of the console.
  2. Peel of each piece of the wrap and carefully paste over the console.
  3. Apply warm air for the best results.


Be ready to experience this new adventure thriller soon on your Xbox one embellished with the stunning Xbox One wrap. For those who are fond of narrative mind games, Tell Me Why will be the new favorite.


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