Sports Story: All you need to know

Sports Story: All you need to know

Sports story is a game where you can fulfil your sporting ambitions, and it doesn't just stop there. It is a sequel to the Golf story. Sports story will not be limited to only one sport. Along with golf, other sports games will also be available like baseball and tennis. There are more adventures that you can set off for like dungeons, hidden treasure chests and much more amazing stuff. Four players can play this game at the max. It is developed and published by Sidebar Games. However, fans are still waiting for its release date, and the picture is gloomy. Sports story will be a Switch exclusive just like its previous sequel which was released on 28th September 2017. This game takes some of its inspiration from the Game Boy Advance game Mario Golf but with some added features. If you are a Nintendo fan, you can get marvelous Nintendo switch skin and Nintendo switch lite skin from here!

Release Date

The release date was never officially announced but speculated to be released somewhere in mid-2020. On 17th August, Sidebar Games announced on twitter the delay in its release as they needed more time to make sure the game was as flawless. But to keep the fans happy they also posted a video of sports story on twitter. However, an official release date is set to be announced.


As of now, Sports Story will only be available on Nintendo Switch. You can grab your favorite Nintendo switch skin and Nintendo switch lite skin from us!

Sports Story and Golf story

Now a bit about Golf Story - the prequel of Sports Story. Golf Story won National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards in 2018 while also being nominated for The Game Awards 2017 and Game Developers Choice Awards. This game presents a traditional role-playing game which replaces golfing with combat. You play as a sadly afflicted golf person in an attempt to restore your passion for the game. The theme of the game is traditional RPG gameplay with eight new locations to discover, side-quests, mini-games, advancement structures, and various NPCs to interact with. The player has eight different areas to explore that are filled with side quests and mini-games. These help the player accumulate wealth and gain experience in the game. But fans are excited as the sequel under development will be coming with more sports hence more fun. Generally, upon the release of Golf Story, it received positive reviews. But a few reviewers felt that it lacked mechanics. Its Metacritique score is 78 out of 100.

Sports story is Golf Story but expanded form of it because of multiple sports games available like golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and among others, which might not yet have been verified. In case you have not played the game Golf Story, this means you will have a hero, who needs to function through a sports academy.

In the webpage of the game it is listed as:

"Sports story is a game about sports, but not always. Various non-sporting pursuits provide variety. Alternate activities like dungeon exploration, stealthy infiltrations and fishing expeditions mean something unexpected waits around every corner. Sometimes it is even sports."

In addition to the standard set of sports mini-games, competitions and trials, certain RPG-lite elements can also be used to develop your character and lastly to play a significant role in a basic (and yet satisfactory) plot. But the game is not limited to only sports, but there have been different scenes where you can't make out what it is, but they are still included in the game. It is one of the most awaited games because the fans are excited about the dungeons, the spooky haunted graveyard and other cool stuff. But 'Sports Story' is going to continue to refresh the genre of sports games. This game not only includes a host of different sports but also has a peculiar mash-up of these sports. The game trailer shows an NPC who scoops a golf ball through a tennis net and a player smashes it with a baseball bat into a soccer goal. In tandem with the description of the "Decasportathon" competition, the Sports Story might tie together a variety of sports in one completely different mix.

The abundant elements of RPG, analysis, NPC relationships and advancement mechanisms are brought back from 'Golf Story.' You begin by making your custom (male or female) character and spend a lot of your time venturing into the dungeons, in the battle against the enemy. There are also several mini sports, quests for the secluded gem, and searches to play in a prestigious tennis academy throughout your play. The 'Sports Story' also offers online support for up to 4 players, which for me is an outstanding addition to every sports game.

Sports Story Decals

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This game is worth playing and will not disappoint any person because it is not just about golf or only sports instead it provides so much more like quests, RPG elements, mash-up games and so much more that it will keep everyone entertained. Sports games are straightforward and usually less entertaining, but the creators of Sports Story have found out a way to blend it with RPG elements in an indie game, making it much more pleasurable. Sports Story is a broader game than its predecessor and is likely to captivate a greater player base as compared to Golf Story.

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