Spiritfarer switch wrap

Spiritfarer switch wrap

Spiritfarer switch wrap

Spiritfarer is a simulation, indie, adventure game developed and published by thunder lotus games for pc, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo switch. Nintendo switch being the most loved gadget of today’s youth needs to have stunning looks to flaunt among the friends. A Spiritfarer switch wrap is the best thing you can have to do the job.


Player impersonates as Stella, the ferry master to the deceased. As Stella, the Spiritfarer players will build a boat to visit and explore various locations, befriend the spirits, and take care of them. These spirits will be Stella’s friends and passengers of her boat. The boat will take them to the desired location safely.

Some locations and destinations are:

  • Shipyard

  • Humming berg

  • Boat buildings

The ship contains separate rooms for every passenger according to his liking. The ship can also be customized with additional buildings like gardens etc. As you advance in the game, you will experience some emotional moments that will stay in your memory for long. You will be spending some quality time with your spirit friends and create some lasting memories before you say goodbye and release them into the afterlife.

On your way to explore the world, you as Stella will have to guide your spirit passenger to craft their way across the mystical seas and do whatever is necessary to survive. That is, gathering, producing, and consuming resources.

In a 2-play cooperative play, you can join the adventure as Daffodil-the cat and helps Stella build an intimate bond with the spirit passengers and ultimately say goodbye to the cherished friends.

As the game can support up to two players; therefore, it can be best played on a Nintendo switch. Nintendo switch is considered one of the hottest gadgets in the market because of its tremendous demand among young kids and teens. So if you got your hands on a Nintendo Switch, get ready and make it your own. To personalize your switch, several colorful and themed switch stickers featuring stunning graphics are available at reasonable prices.

Switch stickers give a unique and customized look to your Nintendo switch. A cool switch wrap not only lets your switch stand out from those of others but also protects it from dust.

Some online stores guarantee their switch wraps to be 100% safe for the system housing. They used a high-quality 3M-vinyl to make their switch stickers so that they won’t damage your gadget. The unique adhesive of the switch wraps ensures bubble-free installations as well as goo-free removal of the wrap, hence saving your switch from the wreckage.

Switch wrap is considered better then paints as it allows customization of the switch at a quite reasonable cost comparatively. Moreover, it is easy to swap the switch wrap without causing any damage to the switch.


So get your switch customized with one of the hundreds of cool, cute, and themed switch stickers and get ready to experience the adventure of Stella across the magical seas in the upcoming simulation-adventure game Spiritfarer.

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