Outriders Xbox One sticker

Outriders Xbox One sticker

Upcoming video game "Outriders" is in the third-person shooter genre. Developers People Can Fly, and publishers Square Enix are hoping to release it in the last quarter of 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X.


The game is a role-play from a third-person perspective. The game offers both single-player mode and cooperative multiplayer mode.

The game is set in a dark and frantic sci-fi universe as the Earth's inhabitants are looking for a new home. After decades of space travel - suspended in time – a bold group of passengers set foot on a new planet that seems perfectly safe for humans. But not everything turns out the way it looks. This new planet soon turns out to be home to antagonistic creatures and mysterious forces that seem beyond human control.

In the beginning, the player will create custom characters to act as protagonists. He will choose from the four classes, each with a different skill set to eradicate the enemy.

  1. Trickster: They can manipulate time.
  2. Pyromancer: They can manipulate fire.
  3. Devastator: They can unleash seismic attacks.
  4. (Yet to be revealed)

These skills cool down quickly and can also be combined to achieve maximum effects. A skill tree allows players to unlock and upgrade their skills.

The enemy might be humans, or monsters, or both.

Weapons like shotguns and assault rifles are offered to combat the enemy and do maximum damage. To avoid the enemy’s attack, the player can also hide behind the shields. But the health regenerates only on hurting or killing the enemy. Players can also collect loot dropped by the fallen enemy. At a higher world level, the player is most likely to get high-end loot.

Outriders Xbox One sticker:

Outriders Xbox One sticker takes your Xbox One console to the ultimate level. All you need to do is wrap your console in precision fitted Xbox One wrap and start experiencing an exciting and thrilling adventure.

Xbox One sticker uses genuine premium vinyl material that ensures bubble-free installation along with the following features:

Safety: Xbox One wrap ensures the safety of your console from dust and scratches.

Compatibility: Xbox One sticker is entirely compatible with the Xbox One console. 

Precisely cut: Xbox One sticker fully covers your console with perfection.

High-quality adhesive: The high-quality adhesive used at the back of Xbox One sticker, ensures perfect adhesion. Besides, it leaves your console goo-free if you wish to remove the sticker.

Stunning look: Textured, themed and colorful Xbox One wrap gives a stunning look to your Xbox One console.

Super easy installation: Xbox One wrap is very easy to install. Just peel off the wrap, align it to your console, and carefully paste it.

Perfect gift: Xbox One sicker in your favorite gaming theme or texture is an ideal gift for an Xbox lover.


Your Xbox One console when beautifully wrapped in a stunning Xbox One wrap will give you a fantastic gaming experience of the upcoming third-person shooter videogame "Outsiders".

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