Ori and the Will of Wisps Xbox one decals

Ori and the Will of Wisps Xbox one decals

Ori and the Will of Wisps is the sequel of Ori, and the Blind Forces planned to release in March 2020. It is a platform-adventure developed by The Moon Studio and published by the Xbox Game Studio for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game will be played in single-player mode.

Ori and the will of wisps

As Ori, a white guardian spirit, the player will advance in the game by completing tasks and solving puzzles. The game features a new adventure to discover the world beyond the forest of Nibal and reveal Ori’s true destiny.


The journey of the player embarks on an all-new adventure in a vast exotic world. Here you will encounter gigantic enemies and challenging puzzles on your journey, unleashing Ori’s fate. Engaging story-driven experience along with a stunning soundtrack and gorgeous atmosphere are the core features of the game.

Master Skills:

By guiding Ori through the quest of indescribable danger using brand new weapons, charms, and attacks, players will master skills. They will power up Ori’s newfound abilities by utilizing all new shard systems.

Epic Enemies:

The player will face classic enemies with immense powers and solve tricky puzzles experiencing thrilling escapes. The players can also seek help from the allies they will find on their way.

Thrilling Modes:

  • Spirit trials: In this mode, the players will compete to the top of the leader board in a particular speed-run challenge.
  • Shrines: In this mode, players will face a progressively more challenging wave of opponents in timed trials to win rewards.

Ori and the Will of Wisps Xbox one decals:

 Xbox one is the third console of the Xbox series with wireless controllers. For the protection of Xbox one controller Ori and the Will of Wisps Xbox one decals is designed to suit your console. This skin is made of high-quality vinyl that is incredibly easy to use and gives a bubble-free smooth application over the console. No mess removal of skin leaves the console goo-free. No sticky residue stays on the console, making it look hideous.

A complete package of Ori and the Will of Wisps Xbox one decals contain two matching controller’s skins along with one decal for the console and power brick to give a complete Ori experience.


  • Protection: Ori and the will of WISPS Xbox one decals protect the console and controllers from dust and scratches.
  • Compatible: Flexible Xbox one decals are entirely compatible with the Xbox one console.
  • Stylish: Xbox one decal gives an elegant look to your Xbox one console.
  • Multiplayer: Two matching controller skins offer your partners the same Ori experience.
  • Perfect gift: These peel off Ori themed skins are an ideal gift for an Ori lover.

Summing up:

The extraordinary adventure and thrill of Ori throughout the game, startling soundtrack along with its gorgeous and striking sites, will leave a long-lasting influence over the players. Ori and the Will of Wisps decals for Xbox one will also provide you an outstanding experience so that you can enjoy it.

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