Manual test to verify the accessibility of your website

Manual test to verify the accessibility of your website

Being able to count on a fully accessible website is important for a number of reasons, including, not least, the ability to attract more users to your online business.

You must know, however, that verifying the accessibility of your website is not really a walk.

For a job well done you should, in fact, turn to a web developer expert in the subject, able to test in depth the level of accessibility of your system.

Nevertheless, it is possible, through some simple manual tests, to understand if your website observes the main accessibility standards, at least at a more superficial level.

Let's see together what these tests consist of.

How to test the accessibility of your website

First of all, try browsing your website without a mouse and without a track pad, but only using the keyboard. Every user should be able to easily consult the contents of your site simply by typing on the keyboard. Can you interact with all controls and resources? Can you understand at any moment on which element of the current page is the focus placed? Does the visual focus match the interactive one? If the answer to these questions is always NO, then you have an accessibility problem to solve on your site.

It activates the function of “High contrast mode” of your browser (some have it by default, for others you have to install a plugin) and verify that all the resources of your site are fully visible. The High contrast mode is in fact a display mode for so "altered" that serves to facilitate the reading of the contents to the visually impaired by increasing the contrast with the background.

Hide images through the appropriate function on your browser. Does the displayed content make sense or lose meaning? Is it more difficult to understand? Are important contents missing? If the answer to these questions tends to NO then everything is fine. Otherwise you should seriously reconsider how to present and publish them.

Are there captions and transcripts of the media (images and videos generally) published? Is it possible to listen to the audio version of the text content? For a good level of accessibility of your website, you must guarantee to all users at least 2 options for consultation and understanding of all contents, both media, and text.

Forms are the most effective tool for user-to-website interaction and are the best way to measure conversions. Unfortunately, however, the forms are often inaccessible for several reasons: because they do not have labels, because they guarantee an inefficient error handling and a lack of focus. Check these options with your webmaster and possibly ask them to implement them for your website or brand like Video Cubix.

Finally, "turn off" the CSS and check if disabling style sheets 1) lose the display of important content, or fundamental navigation elements; 2) you have difficulty understanding their meaning; 3) some styles remain or disappear permanently. In short, try to understand if the web pages of your site are usable and understandable in any case. If so, no problem. Otherwise, you must solve this problem too.

Performing a simple manual test like this to verify the accessibility of your website is essential to ensure all your potential users the ability to navigate without problems and to fully enjoy all published content.


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