Ghost of Tsushima ps4 pro skin

Ghost of Tsushima ps4 pro skin

Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming action-adventure stealth game for PS4 expected to release in July 2020. So get your PS4 console ready, all decorated with Ghost of Tsushima ps4 pro skin.

Developers Sucker Punch Production was initially releasing Ghost of Tsushima in June 2020, but due to pandemic Covid-19, the game's release has been delayed till July 2020.

The game is set in the Tsushima Island Japan in the late 30th century, featuring buildings, fields, shrines, and ancient forests, etc. The player impersonates the protagonist Jin Sakai- A samurai warrior, accompanied by a female samurai Masako. The cunning, ruthless Khothun Khan of the Mongol Empire is the lead antagonist. Shimura, the Lord of Tsushima, has trained Jin in the traditional samurai ways. But when Jin abandons his teachings and becomes The Ghost, Shimura gets really concerned. 

The armies of the Mongol Empires have invaded Japan, and with their highly developed weapons and military tactics, they are trying to conquer the mainland of Japan. But Tsushima Island is standing between them.

Mongol army easily defeated the Samurai forces at their first attack and started terrorizing the local inhabitants. It is the time when Jin Sakai realizes that he can no longer defeat this enemy by the traditional Samurai way. Ultimately, he learned to be a Ghost, an unconventional fighting style similar to a ninja. His small scale silent attacks and use of the enemy weapons against themselves create fear in the minds of the enemy. 

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As one of the last surviving samurai, you will have to fight back and reclaim your homeland forging a new way of fighting i.e., the way of the Ghost. Players will be traveling to the different parts of the vast open-world riding a horse and confronting enemies directly, as well as using stealth. Stealth allows him to attack silently.

The game does not feature any waypoints. Instead, the player is free to explore the game world according to his will.

PS4 Pro skin:

You can now take your Ghost of Tsushima experience on your PS4 Pro to the ultimate level by using PS4 Pro skin in the Ghost of Tsushima theme. These unique Ghost of Tsushima ps4 pro wrap will personalize your console and give a heightened experience.

A complete package of PS4 Pro skin includes one console skin along with 2 controller skins.


  1. QualityLabel: PS4 Pro skin uses superior quality material.
  2. Compatible:  PS4 Pro skins fully compatible with your PS4 Pro console.
  3. Easy Installation / Removal: PS4 wrap is easy to install and remove. No sticky residue is left on your device on the removal of the skin.
  4. Precision: PS4 wrap has precise, flawless cuts for buttons and controls, making it the best one can get.
  5. Protection: PS4 Pro skin protects your PS4 Pro console from dust and scratches, increasing its life.
  6. ModishLook: PS4 wrap will give your PS4 console a stylish look.


 Get ready to be the Ghost of Tsushima and embellish your PS4 Pro console with a beautifully themed PS4 Pro skin for a splendid gaming experience.

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