Eastward Nintendo Switch skin Soon the world will start to collapse

Eastward Nintendo Switch skin Soon the world will start to collapse

Eastward is an action-adventure, role-playing game developed by Pixpil and published by Chucklefish for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating system. The game is set to release in 2020, supporting single-player mode. 


Soon, the world will start to collapse, and the human population will be on the verge of extinction. Set in a beautifully detailed and charming post-apocalyptic world, the game features a hardworking miner - John, who finds a little girl - Sam, in some deep underground secret facility.


Eastward is the journey of John and Sam through the decaying cities, facing strange creatures and even stranger people. Get ready to join John and Sam in their emotional journey across the crumbling world to discover the strange truth about origin and ambiguity behind the ominous creatures that have attacked the local town demolish everything in their path.

You can switch between controlling John and Sam to solve environmental puzzles, craft your way through the terrifying dungeons and reveal hidden paths.

On the way, you will meet some peculiar characters and encounter strange monsters. You are free to use a weapon of your choice against these quirky creatures. Your weapon could be a gun, a flame thrower, or your trusty old frying pan.

Exciting Graphics:

A combination of modern 3D lighting techniques and soulful Retro-Pixel artwork has brought the pulsating world of Eastward to life. The Eastward world seems inspired by the 90’s Japanese animation. The touching story-driven adventure is jam-packed with fun and crazy humor.

Interesting Features:

Single-player yet dual characters, adventure, RPG with puzzle-solving, and dungeon elements have made the game more appealing. The lovely looking apocalyptic world makes your eyes stick to the game, and your heart wouldn't want to leave the game unfinished.

Eastward Nintendo Switch skin:

The Nintendo Switch seems to be the perfect device to support eastward. So, if you own a Nintendo Switch, get ready to explore the effervescent world of Eastward. To give your Nintendo switch a brand new look, you can utilize an Eastward Nintendo Switch skin, which guarantees complete safety of your gadget along with carrying it a modern look.

Quality material: Nintendo Switch skin is made of premium quality 3M-Vinyl.

Unique adhesive: The unique adhesive used for switch skin ensures bubble-free installation and the clean, goo-free surface of your switch if you want to remove or swap it

Compatible: Switch skin is entirely compatible with your Nintendo switch. Precisely cut switch skin covers the switch perfectly, giving it a spectacular look.

Customization of your Nintendo switch is now at your fingertips when using Nintendo Switch skin. Several online stores are offering switch skin at a sensible cost. Nintendo Switch skin offers an unlimited personalization option for your switch. You can explore the artwork of your switch skins online or even upload one of your own. Skin customizers will provide the switch skin of your choice in the same quality, price, and precision cut as that of their own.


Flaunt your Nintendo switch wrapped in a marvelous Nintendo Switch skin and intensify your experience of the adventures of Eastward. 


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