DJI Mavic Skins - New Drone design

DJI Mavic Skins - New Drone design

Mavic is a range of drones which is owned by a chines organization known as DJI. This drone is quadrotor which means that it has the 4 propellers to fly the done. Mavic drones are modern teleoperated technology which is used for videography and photography from the air. It has both the applications on a commercial level as well as for individual use. Mavic series contains various types of drones that have different features and specs. But here we will be talking about only Mavic pro.

Mavic pro

The first product of the Mavic drone series was Mavic pro. It was released in 2016. The Pro was recognized as the first drone, which can be used for the individual user and capable of filming the 4K video. The drone can cover the aerial length of 6.3 KM that is 4.3 miles. It can take a maximum flight of up to 27 minutes.
In 2017 the technology of Mavic drones makes advancement in their series and launch the Mavic pro platinum which has the greater flying time than the previous version's Mavic pro. The platinum model has 30 minutes of flying time. This simple pro model was redesigned and increase the performance of the propeller and motor better in the platinum model.


The Mavic Pro has a camera which is the same as the Phantom 4 UAV. The 12 MP camera is able to shoot the 4K videos with 24 frames per second (FPS). It also has the ability to shoot the 1080 pixels quality video with 96 FPS. This drone comprises the 60 Mbit/second that is also observed in the Phantom IV. The Mavic Pro has the camera lens 78-degree FOV (field of view).


The DJI Mavic pro is created which can be folded. It holds the space just as a water bottle. You can take this drone in your pocket, which depends on the space and size of the pocket. When it is in the collapsed form its size is 83mm x 83mm 198mm.
DJI Mavic skins are used to personalize the exterior of the console. These skins are available in several designs. We have the awesome and stunning designs of the drone skins. It is a very easy task to peel off the skin and agglutinates to the exterior of the drone. You can find the skin of your choice. We are offering the best quality DJI Mavic skins for the drone at a very reasonable price. So place your order and buy amazing skin for your device.

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