DJI Mavic drone Skins

DJI Mavic drone Skins

Mavic is a series of drones which is owned by a chines company known as DJI. It is a quadrotor drone which means that it has the four propellers to fly the done. Mavic drones are teleoperated technology which is used for photography and videography from the air. It has both the uses on a commercial level as well as for personal use. Mavic series contains different types of drones which have different features and specification. But here we will be discussing only Mavic pro.

DJI Mavic pro

The first product of the Mavic series was Mavic pro. It was released in 2016. The Pro was considered as the first drone, which can be used for personal use and capable of recording the 4K video. It can cover the aerial distance of 6.3 KM that is 4.3 miles. This drone can take a flight up to 27 minutes.

In 2017 the Mavic technology makes an improvement in their series and released the Mavic pro platinum which has a greater flight time than the previous version's Mavic pro. The platinum version has 30 minutes of flight time. This simple pro version was redesigned and made a performance of the motor and propeller better in the platinum version.



The Mavic Pro has a camera just like the Phantom 4 UAV. The 12 Megapixels camera is capable to shoot the 4K videos with 24 FPS (frames per second). It also has the capability to shoot the 1080 pixels video with 96 frames per second. This drone includes the 60 Mbit/second which is also seen in the Phantom IV. The Mavic Pro has the lens 78-degree FOV (field of view).


The DJI Mavic Pro is designed so it can be folded, which contains the space just as a water bottle. You can carry this drone in your pocket, which depends upon the size and space of the pocket. When it is in the folded form its size is 198mm x 83mm x 83mm. People customize their drone through DJI Mavic decal. This DJI Mavic skin is available in different designs. We have the stunning and awesome designs of the DJI Mavic decal. It is a very easy task to peel off the DJI Mavic skins and agglutinates to the surface of the drone.
People who are more vivacious and lively use the skins for their drones just like you can use DJI Mavic skin on your drone to feel the satisfaction of personalizing the drone. Here you can find various kinds and characters of DJI Mavic skins so make your choice and buy it.

Drone's speed:

The highest speed of Mavic Pro is 40 miles per hour or 60 Km/h. Because they have improved the Lightbridge system so now the drone is capable of Livestream in the 1080p from the distance of 7 Km.

Battery life:

In the zero wind condition, the battery of Mavic Pro can support up to 27 minutes charging. Therefore you can use it constantly for your work and enjoyment without interruption for charging.

Gesture control:

The first Mavic drone which you can control through your patterns. One can wave the hands in a specific pattern so the drone will take the picture and freeze your moment.

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