Boyfriend Dungeon switch lite skin RPG look

Boyfriend Dungeon switch lite skin RPG look

In any half-decent RPG crawling dungeon, weapons had always been a primary focus, but the indie game developer Kitfox Games took it a little further by creating Boyfriend Dungeon. Here you can literally date your weapons. It sounds weird when we say it like this, and the developers did too, but think about it for a minute, and it all makes sense. In this game, your partner can turn into a weapon which you can use to fight monsters. With various unique characters and stunning graphics, this game has also inspired Boyfriend Dungeon switch lite skin starring these characters.

'Boyfriend Dungeon' is an upcoming RPG dungeon game with visual new dating styles, presented in top-down isometric terms. The game is set in Verona Beach, a fantasy country, where the very existence of monsters threatens humanity. Some people are in this universe have the power to become weapons. You start as a person of your choice and go into the many dungeons, known as the "dunj" in this game. These monster dungeons are the places where you find these weapons. But each of the weapons is a different human character that you can date in Boyfriend Dungeon.

When you are not battling monsters in the "dunj" you'll be interacting with your weapon/partner creatively. Dates are accessible in several locations like the playground, tea bubble stand, night clubs, cafés, and many more. The play in these segments is like traditional sim dating games, and your main aim is to select the correct dialogue options and get your date impressed. To impress others, you can also get Nintendo switch lite skin and switch lite skin of Boyfriend Dungeon with their immersive and aesthetic visuals.

In "Boyfriend Dungeon," the dating mechanic also doubles as the weapon progression. Dating often leads to tips and tricks that are more efficient with a given weapon during fighting while you're progressing and fighting monsters in dungeons. They are quite critical, as specific weapons have to be used to combat particular enemy forms. Moreover, the game is meant to encourage the usage of multiple weapons in combat.

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A dungeon crawler. The game itself. Players drive around areas filled with monsters in the dungeon in a weapons rescue mission — eligible weapons.

  • There is Valeria, a dagger that loves whiskey but dislikes the ducks.
  • Isaac, an Estoc fancies the more precise things in life, such as philosophy and fabulous cuisine.
  • Seven, a laser saber with an undercut, doesn't love fan clubs.
  • Sawyer is a nonbinary glaive, who loves social justice and video games.
  • Pocket is a cat, and it turns into brass knuckles in the dungeon.
  • Rowan turns into a scythe that likes animal bones.

Dateable characters, 'Boyfriend Dungeon,' offers a range of player options. They have male, female, and even non-binary characters with their own pronoun sets. You can also find a cat who turns into brass knuckles in case of players who are not interested in the dating aspect of the game. With different options here, the Nintendo switch lite skin and switch lite skin also offer a variety to choose from neat looking covers for you.

Release date and Platforms

Although the publication of 'Boyfriend Dungeon' is initially planned for launch in 2019, it was later re-established for 2020. The Nintendo Switch and PC (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X) will be made accessible from the Steam Storefront. There are currently no console versions, but Kitfox has not excluded them as an option in the future.

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