Best DJI Spark skins

Best DJI Spark skins

DJI spark is a mini-drone developed by DJI company. It was released on April 15, 2017. This drone is a selfie expert. Artificial intelligence is used for sensing the different gestures and it follows according to them. The drone is used for photography and videography through teleoperated technology. It has four propellers due to which it can easily stable its flight.


DJI spark is just small as a can of soda. Its weight is 300 grams and it has the measurement 143 x 143 x 55 millimeters. This drone is too small that you can carry it into any kind of bag. You can hang it off to your belt. It comes in the small box that is just like a headphone case. Therefore, we can easily put it in our bag.
DJI spark storage box contains compartments for the replacement of four propellors and has two extra batteries.

DJI Spark skins

The DJI company not only offering the mini size of the drone but it comes in different variety of colors. For example Meadow Green, Sky Blue, Alpine White, Sunrise Yellow, and Lava Red. But if you don't like these colors you have not to worry about it. The Drone looks so awesome when you apply the DJI spark skin on it. We have a bundle of a variety of DJI spark decals. You can find DJI spark skins at a very reasonable price. Our DJI spark decal is eye-catching for your drone. You would find a lot of DJI spark skins of your taste.
DJI spark decal is very easy to apply to your device. You have just peel it off the DJI spark skin and apply it on the surface of the drone.

DJI Spark Specs:

• The DJI spark drones can be controlled through your mobile. Like Android phones, iPad, and iPhones. But phone antennas have no big range of transmission. So it can only fly up to 100 meters.

• Its maximum speed is 39 miles per hour, which is nearly equal to the 50 Kilometer per hour.

• It can operate through 5.8 GHz frequency and its total operatable distance is 1 mile that is 1.6 Kilometers.

• The drone has a maximum vertical speed is 9.8 feet per second and its horizontal speed is 45.6 feet per second.

• The device can support up to 64 GB of the external SD card.
• Supported SD cards include microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card and microSDHC UHS-I Memory Card.

• It contains the digital camera which is 12 MP and also its image sensor type is CMOS.

• The resolution of the video which is recorded through DJI spark camera is 1920 x 1080 (1080p) and its frame rate is 30 FPS (Frames per second).

• The battery in the drone is made up of lithium polymer. The time of flight for the drone is 16 minutes but it has a bit higher time of recharge which is 52 minutes.

• The battery capacity of the device is 1480 mAh as well as it provides 14.4 voltage.

• The drone has a minimum operating temperature of 32 F and has a maximum operating temperature of 104 F.

• The lens of the camera has a maximum view angle is 81.9 degrees.

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