Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Lite skins

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Lite skins

Animal Crossing is a real-time life simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo, offering both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Animal Crossing is an open-ended game. Different players, even the same player, can finish the same quest in several different ways or orders. The location of the game is in a village that has many anthropomorphic animals i.e., animals with human attributes. Human traits and emotions of these animals make the gameplay quite fun. It is a real-time game followed by many seasons and holidays.


The players in the game assume the role of a new resident of the village. They complete various tasks to achieve their goals. One of the main goals of the game is to increase the size of the player’s house. The house can be customized in many ways like roof color, furniture, music, flooring, etc.

Players visit the home of cute fellow villagers and interact with them in several ways like talking, trading items, completing tasks together, writing letters, and buying medicines when they get sick.

Nintendo Switch Lite:

Nintendo Switch Lite is the handheld version of the Nintendo Switch, which is an eighth-generation video game console developed by Nintendo platform technology development. Animal Crossing: the new horizon is the latest upcoming release of the animal crossing series, to be released for Nintendo Switch in March 2020. Nintendo Switch Lite will also support Animal Crossing: The New Horizon.

Nintendo Switch Lite is a handy device with controllers built into the system for handheld play. The light and sleek design of Nintendo Switch Lite enable you to keep it in your backpack and carry it wherever you go. You can link up to eight Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems together to play in multiplayer mode anywhere. Nintendo Switch Lite has made it possible to carry your game progress along with your gaming equipment on the go.

Animal Crossing: Nintendo Switch Lite skins:

You can create an island paradise of your own by using Animal Crossing: The New Horizon Nintendo Switch Lite Decals. These thin but durable vinyl stickers are a great way not only to customize your Nintendo Switch but also to protect it from dust and scratches. Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Lite skins are very easy to apply and remove or reposition. The adhesive of the decal does not leave any sticky residue on your switch, compromising on its look.

These animal crossing themed Nintendo Switch Lite decals are a perfect fit for your switch. Thin and smooth skin, bubble-free application, easy removal, mod look, and scratch-resistant quality of these decals have made them a must-have for your Nintendo Switch Lite.

Summing up:

The life simulation aspect of the Animal Crossing series makes it stand out of the list of other video games that highly emphasize environmental destruction or violence. The officially licensed Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Lite skins and decals are also cute enough to melt your hearts. These are undoubtedly the best gift for a friend who is also an animal crossing lover.  

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