Amazon Kindle skins – How to keep your e-book reader safe

Amazon Kindle skins – How to keep your e-book reader safe

There is no doubt your e-reader is a very precious item to you especially if you are using an Amazon Kindle. It is an important source of knowledge and daily inspiration to you. But carelessness or a care-free attitude can cause damage to your e-reader. You need to keep the e-reader safe so that it doesn’t get spoilt easily or have a screen scratch. You need to be knowledgeable by getting tips on how to keep your e-reader safe in case you are traveling or if you visit the beach regularly. Here are the tips that you need to keep your e-reader safe so that it can last a long time for you.

Avoid using harsh cleaning liquids and fluids 

Using your e-reader when the screen is crystal clear makes reading your favorite books very interesting and immersing. Utmost care must be taken when cleaning your e-reader screen. Many of the users fall into the temptation of using harsh household glass detergents to clean their e-reader screens. This is not appropriate at all. These household cleaners are alcohol or ammonia-based detergents that should be avoided altogether.

The chemicals in these detergents are capable of blurring or damaging your e-reader screen. These detergents are also dangerous to your health. For instance, after cleaning your e-reader screen with these hazardous detergents, you start tapping your e-reader immediately. Your finger may get into your mouth or eye unknowingly; it is like poisoning yourself without knowing it.

They are very harmful

They are very harmful. Instead, look for liquids that are not harmful to you and your e-reader. The products don’t contain alcohol or ammonia that is very harsh on your device. They are alcohol or ammonia-free. These liquids can be found in a camera or phone shop. Just ask for any of them. You can also buy them online at Amazon. Avoid wiping the screen of your e-reader with any cloth that you can lay your hands on. There are specially made clothes for screen-cleaning your e-reader. They are known as microfiber cloths. They can be found at computer or camera stores. Only use microfiber cloths to wipe your screen. Do not apply the liquid directly to the surface of the screen. Apply the liquid to the microfiber cloth first, then, use it to scrub the screen of the device gently until the screen clears up.

Use protective accessories 

You have to invest in protective accessories such as hard cases and covers if you desire to protect your e-reader from drops and moisture. You can also use a clear plastic cover or a protective film to cover the device. This helps to prevent it from scratches. If you go to more extreme places like a sandy beach, you will definitely need a waterproof case for your e-reader. You just have to test the waterproof case before using it at the beach. One way to do that is to stuff the case with papers and drop it inside the water. Leave it for up to five minutes and open it to check if water has penetrated it. If the case passes this test, it means you are good to go. Protective cases can also prevent sands from entering your e-reader if you are at the beach. Depending on your Kindle design, using an Amazon Kindle skin is certainly another level of protection for your e-reader. You can use an Amazon Kindle decal.

Protection from humidity and heat 

Not too many people know that high humidity can affect their device. If you like to read while having a hot bath, the heat can affect the performance of your device. Same with the exposure to sunlight. Exposing your e-reader to sunlight can damage the screen or the device itself. Do not expose your device to sunlight. Keep it in a cool place. Do not drop your device on a car seat during a scorching sun. The radiation from the sun can affect the device when the inside of a car becomes very hot. Always keep your e-reader far away from radiation or heat. For other Kindle skin, you can use a Kindle decal.


Consistent care is key to making your e-reader safe. It requires a deliberate effort to make your e-reader last for a long time. If you want your e-reader to be in top shape all the time, you must make a conscious effort to follow these tips religiously.      

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