Oculus Quest Sticker gift for Christmas

Oculus Quest Sticker gift for Christmas

Oculus Quest is the most used and top-rated VR headset that is used. In a Facebook survey, 95% of the people use Oculus quest, so if you know somebody who is into VR or if you think they would fancy this kind of stuff, this would make a pleasant Christmas gift. Grab an Oculus Quest and add a few Oculus Quest stickers to make it unique, and you will have the best Christmas present for your friend!

Oculus Updates

Oculus has introduced major updates and improved a lot of stuff. On the Quest and Quest 2 headsets, Oculus has also started to introduce its latest update, version 23. This upgrade brings some interesting new and highly desired features, including new exercise monitoring in the new Oculus Step app, native 90Hz support on Quest 2 (for applications that support it), better sharper pixel density for Quest 1 users, and simpler casting choices by casting to a compatible browser screen. During the holiday season, Oculus has also made it easier to send content to other users.

Read on below for a complete list of changes to version 23 of the update that will roll out over the next few days – make sure your headset is in sleep mode and is wired to Wi-Fi and a USB-C cable.

Oculus Move

You can now monitor the calories you burn as well as the time you are physically involved in every VR app or game using the new Oculus Motion platform feature, from slashing boxes in Beat Saber to molting zombies in Arizona Sunlight.


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Oculus Move helps you, based on calculations expended and time spent in VR, to set your everyday targets and monitor progress.

Please note that Oculus Move is slowly introduced beginning next week, so some users may not automatically see this functionality.

Oculus Quest Stickers

Here are a few features of our Oculus Quest Stickers:

  • Skins are higher quality decals showcasing beautiful high-resolution artwork painted on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl.
  • Protection and cleanliness: Skin protection without any bulk offers low profile protection, and Oculus Quest 1 is protected from scratches. The only woven adhesive ensures smooth, easy-to-use, and reliable removal.
  • Safety: Each Oculus Quest skin tradition offers a rim-to-rim covering for better scratch security to your new mobile device.
  • Simple to Mount – These sticker skins are heated to a firm, very slim fit, unlike the most malfunctioned Oculus Quest casings, which are wide or hard.
  • High-density vinyl: The cover of Oculus Quest is made from the best quality vinyl and is protected from scratches, dirt, and fingerprints on your computer.
  • Unique look: Demonstrate your particular style with these VR stickers and suit your VR headset and controller perfectly.

Perfect Christmas Gift

Oculus Quest is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, especially if they haven't had an experience with it before. So make sure to buy one and add Oculus Quest stickers to make it unique and according to their styles. You can also customize your stickers, which makes the whole process fun and according to your needs. 

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