Hollow Knight Nintendo switch skins: Silk Song

Hollow Knight Nintendo switch skins: Silk Song

Sequel to the 2017 game Hollow Knight is all ready for release in 2020 with the title Hollow Knight: Silk Song. Gear up with your Nintendo switch to experience this upcoming action-adventure Metroid vania. Don’t forget to wrap up your switch in Nintendo switch lite skins for an exotic look of your console. You can also use Nintendo switch lite covers for better protection.

Hollow Knight: Silk Song:

Developers and publishers team Cherry are positive for releasing Hollow Knight: Silk Song in 2020 for MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Nintendo switch.

The game can be played in single-player mode only.


This 2D Metroid Vania takes place in a haunted bugs’ kingdom filled with bug beasts. The game is very much similar to the previous version Hollow Knight. You will be playing as Hornet, an insectoid creature wielding a needle to combat its foes. On the way, you will stumble upon many antagonistic creatures. More than 165 treacherous foes are waiting for you.

You will also come across some sociable creatures you can be friends with.


When the game starts, you as Hornet, find yourself captivated and taken to the haunted kingdom of Pharloom. Pharloom is ruled by silk and song. To unleash the reason for you being brought to this strange realm, you must ascend to the top.

Unlike Hollow Knight, where one descends to the depths of Hollowness to stop the infection outbreak in the kingdom, in hollow Knight: Silk Song hornet will start from the bottom-most and ascend to the top to reach the immaculate fortress. 

This will be a quest system for which Hornet will have to complete certain missions. Subsections of the quest system are:

  • Hunt
  • Gather
  • Way finder
  • Grand Hunt

Hornet will craft weapons and tools from the gathered stuff. These weapons will replace the charm system of the previous Hollow Knight.

The checkpoint system of Hollow Knight returns in the Hollow Knight: Silk Song.

Hornet will be able to use silk to heal three masks of damage on the go. Therefore, she avoids receiving more damage that might happen in case of stopping and slowly healing one mask at a time. 

On losing a life, Hornet leaves a bundle of silk that can refill all the eight notches of silk in her bar when broken.

Hornet is the princess-protector of the hollowness - a lethal hunter. She must battle foes and solve mysteries to rise to the zenith. This will be a journey to all-new lands where she will discover new powers and combat deadly bugs and beasts to reveal ancient secrets tied to her personality and past.

In Hollow Knight, Hornet appeared as an antagonist before moving into a competition with the original protagonist. But in Hollow Knight: Silk Song, the hornet is the protagonist from the very beginning. The Hornet of the new edition is more acrobatic than the hollow knight of the previous game.

 Another exciting change that you will see in Silk Song is the voiced element of the Hornet. Knight was a silent protagonist in the original Hollow Knight. But Hornet has a voice and she can reply to the characters she meets.

There will be a brand new currency called “Rosaries” in the Silk Song. You will lose all your currency on dying, just like the original Hollow Knight. Yet, you can pick up a special string to keep some Rosaries whenever you die.


The game will be available for MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Nintendo switch.

Nintendo Switch is the only gaming console to support Hollow Knight: Silk Song till now. There are no plans of releasing the game for Playstation 5 and Xbox One.

So, if you have got hands on a Nintendo switch lite, get ready to experience this action-adventure Metroidvania soon.

Although Nintendo switch lite comes in four colors, still if you want to give it a customized look so that it looks classy and is easily recognizable among those of your friends, you can do it by using Nintendo switch lite skins and Nintendo switch lite covers.

Hollow Knight Nintendo switch skins:

If you don’t like the ugly shades of your switch, wrap it up in an authentic 3M vinyl Nintendo switch skin that will not only enhance the beauty of your console, it will also protect from dust and minor scratches. Hollow Knight Nintendo Switch skins are durable and their true texture confers a better grip to your switch.


  1. Protection: Nintendo switch lite skins protect from dust and minor scratches.
  2. Precisely cut: Precision cut of Nintendo switch lite skins ensures a flawless wrap of your switch.
  • Easy installation: the skins are easy to install and remove.
  1. Quality adhesive: Premium quality adhesive ensures a perfect stick-on and no-goo removal. Hence, the outlook of your switch is not compromised.
  2. Customized look: Nintendo switch lite skins give a modish, customized look to your switch.

Nintendo switch lite covers:

Nintendo switch lite is known as the portable version of the switch. But it still needs a bag to carry for protection. Nintendo switch lite covers are here to help. They will not only guard your switch, it will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Nintendo switch lite covers are stylish as compared to the boring original Nintendo cases. They are comparatively much thinner and easy to use. You can easily put in and take out your switch with just a flip.

If you have a Nintendo switch lite, you should also get a Nintendo switch lite cover to protect the screen with as little bulk as possible. Nintendo switch lite covers have a fabric finish and a lid that attaches magnetically. Along with that comes a plastic screen protector. It will guard your switch without increasing its size and weight to a greater extent.


Beautify your Nintendo switch lite with Nintendo switch lite skins and guard it using Nintendo switch lite covers to have an enhanced experience of the forthcoming action-adventure Hollow Knight: Silk Song.

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