Juul Skins - Design you Juul E-cigarette

Juul Skins - Design you Juul E-cigarette

Juul skins are beautifully patterned colorful stickers which people use to cover their boring black metallic JUUL e-cigarettes. There is a wide variety of JUUL skins available in the market.

JUUL e-cigarette is a modern version of the traditional cigarettes. Each JUUL consists of two components;

  • The pod
  • The e-cigarette.
  • The pod contains the e-liquid, whereas the e-cigarette comprises of the battery and temperature regulation system.

The increasing popularity of JUUL e-cigarette among the youth has given rise to considerable demand for JUUL skins or wraps. Each JUUL skin is designed to fit the JUUL e-cigarette perfectly. JUUL skins are made up of leather OR vinyl. Most popular color of the JUUL skins is Black.

 You can easily replace your JUUL skins once you get bored of the one which you are using. The adhesive used in JUUL skins usually comes out easily without leaving a mess, when you remove the JUUL skin.

The Benefits of a JUUL Skin:


Some people have a habit of dropping their JUUL several times in a day. If you are one of them, a JUUL skin is what you need to save your JUUL from scuffs and scratches. These JUUL skins form a protective covering on your expensive JUUL. They protect the JUUL from scratches and everyday wear and tear. It will also protect your JUUL from water. Cleaning is always effortless with a JUUL which is wrapped in a JUUL skin.


JUUL skin also serves as a style statement for many people. You can select the JUUL skin in different colors and patterns that are unique and impressively represent your personality. You can also impress your friends by using the exclusive JUUL skins designed into festive themes. JUUL skin patterns can also be personalized. You can select your favorite color and design, and the manufacturer will print and laminate it for you. You can also choose the texture for your JUUL skin.


Your JUUL skin will also protect your JUUL and charger from mixing up with others’. It will also help you find out your JUUL from a clutter.

The students find it convenient to hide the JUUL e-cigarette from their teachers and parents when it’s covered with the JUUL skins. A covered JUUL e-cigarette can be easily mistaken for a simple flash drive.

How to apply the JUUL skin:

You can use the JUUL skins in three simple steps:

  • Wipe your JUUL with a dry paper towel or alcohol cleaning pad. It will remove the fingerprints, dirt, and oils present on the surface of the JUUL.
  • Apply the skin on the right side and rub gently with your fingers to remove the wrinkles. Then apply it on the other side.
  • Gently rub your fingers on the JUUL to fix the skin without any wrinkles. Your JUUL e-cigarette is ready to use.


The JUUL can be changed easily without removing the skin. Most of the JUUL skins work for the cable charger as well as with its regular charger. However, if it doesn’t work well with the charger, you can claim a refund. It is better to check reviews before ordering skins for your JUUL.


Trendy and beautiful, these customized JUUL skins will not only become your style statement, but they will also protect your JUUL from any damage.

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