DJI Mavic Pro skin drone best protection

DJI Mavic Pro skin drone best protection

DJI Mavic Pro is the first quadcopter drone camera of the Mavic series. It was released in late 2016 as DJI’s most sophisticated photography and videography drone camera. 

It helps you make every memory an aerial moment. Give your DJI Mavic Pro a customized look by decorating it with DJI Mavic Pro Skin. DJI Mavic Pro has a 12-megapixel camera, perfect for capturing aerial shots.


DJI Mavic Pro is better than other similar quadcopters because of the following features.


  1. Stabilized 12 MP camera of DJI Mavic Pro can shoot 4K video at a frame rate of 24 frames per second.
  2. Obstacle avoidance prevents collision, ensuring safe and reliable flight.
  3. The active track system allows following the subject while making the video.
  4. The vision positioning feature detects the ground below and keeps it steady when indoors.
  5. Folding mechanism folds down the DJI Mavic Pro as small as a water bottle. With folding arms and propellers, there is no need to detach propellers, etc.


  1. Dimensions: (Folded) 198mm x 83mm x 83mm (LxWxH)
  2. Diagonal size: 335mm
  3. Weight: 1.62lbs
  4. Maximum ascent speed: 16.4ft/s
  5. Maximum descent speed: 9.8ft/s
  6. Maximum speed: 40mph(with no wind)
  7. Maximum altitude: 5000meters
  8. Maximum flight time: 27minutes(with no wind)
  9. Maximum hovering time: 24minutes(with no wind)
  10. Maximum total distance: 13km (with a full battery and no wind)

DJI Mavic Pro skin:

DJI Mavic Pro skin provides a personalized look to your DJI Mavic Pro. Covering your Mavic in DJI Mavic Pro skin lets you identify and distinguish your MAVIC easily.

 A DJI Mavic Pro skin kit contains

  • 1 x main drone skin
  • 1 x controller skin
  • 3 x battery skins


  1. Protection: DJI Mavic Pro skin protects your Mavic from scratches
  2. Perfect fit: DJI Mavic Pro skin is precisely cut to fit you Mavic perfectly.
  3. Zero negative effects: DJI Mavic Pro skin is made of thin light-weight automotive-grade vinyl that does not affect the flight time. Nor does it interferes with the radio signals.
  4. Styling: DJI Mavic Pro skin gives your Mavic a moderns look.
  5. Easy application: DJI Mavic Pro skin is easy to apply and remove.
  6. Channeled adhesive: Channeled adhesive at the back ensure bubble-free application and goo-free removal of DJI Mavic Pro Skin.
  7. Visibility: Vibrant colors and contrasting patterns of DJI Mavic Pro skin ensure higher visibility


  1. Clean your hands and DJI Mavic Pro using a damp cloth. Avoid alcohol or any other chemical.
  2. Remove tiny cutouts from the DJI Mavic Pro Skin. Then peel the skin from backing paper
  3. Carefully align the DJI Mavic Pro skin to the holes and edges and paste one piece at a time.
  4. In case of wrinkles or air pockets, gently rub your finger over them. Channeled adhesive will let them go away easily.

Make every day a memorable one with DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter personal camera decorated with a vivacious DJI Mavic Pro skin by capturing aerial photographs and videos.

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