DJI Mavic Mini skins New Drone generation

DJI Mavic Mini skins New Drone generation

In October 2019, DJI released Mavic Mini as a beginner quadcopter camera. DJI Mavic Mini is the latest entry in the Mavic series. Compact and very easy to operate DJI Mavic Mini, when decorated with DJI Mavic Mini Skin featuring vibrant full-color artwork, gives elevated joy. Mavic Mini’s most remarkable feature is being lightweight and reduced size.

DJI Mavic Mini:

With DJI Mavic Mini, you can capture memorable moments easily. Some features that make DJI Mavic Mini remarkable are listed below:


  1. Compact: Mavic Mini is very lightweight and compact. When folded, it is of the size of your palm.
  2. Easy to use: DJI Mavic Mini enables you to capture epic shots with just a few strikes.
  3. Safe flight: Mavic Mini has 360 degrees propeller guard that, along with protecting the propellers, ensures safe flight.
  4. Stabilized gimbal camera: A 3-axis mechanical gimbal grants camera stability ensuring clear, smooth images. 
  5. Remote controller: The remote controller of DJI Mavic Mini maintains an HD video feed at a distance of up to 4km. Detachable sticks make the controller more compact. 
  6. Extended flight time: Lightweight of the DJI Mavic Mini allows extended flight time of up to 30min with a fully charged battery.


  1. Takeoff weight: 249g
  2. Dimensions: (LxWxH) 140mm x 80mm x 57mm (folded)
  • 160mm x 202mm x 55mm (unfolded)
  • 245mm x 290mm x 50mm (with propellers)
  1. Diagonal distance: 213mm
  2. Maximum ascent speed: 4m/s
  3. Maximum descent speed: 3m/s
  4. Maximum speed (no wind): 13m/s
  5. Camera: 12MP
  6. Maximum takeoff altitude: 3000m
  7. Maximum flight time: 30 min( with no wind at speed 14kph)
  8. Maximum wind speed resistance: 8m/s
  9. Maximum tilt angle: 30 degrees
  10. App: DJI Fly

DJI Mavic Mini is considered “The Everyday Flycam” as it is your perfect companion to capture your everyday moments, making them memorable for a long time.

DJI Mavic Mini Skin:

To give your Mavic Mini a customized look, you can choose from various vibrant DJI Mavic Mini Skins in striking colors and textures. DJI Mavic Mini Skin will not only decorate your Mavic, also your Mavic will also be easy to identify and distinguish among those of others.

A complete DJI Mavic Mini Skin kit includes

  • 1 x drone skin
  • 1 x controller skin
  • 4 x battery labels


  1. Protection: DJI Mavic Mini Skin is made of 3Mvinyl that protects your device from trivial scratches
  2. Precision: Precise cutouts for lights and logos, etc. make DJI Mavic Mini Skin accurately cover your Mavic.
  3. Easy application: DJI Mavic Mini Skin is very easy to apply.
  4. Weaved adhesive: Unique weaved adhesive ensures fast, perfect, bubble-free bond and no-goo removal.
  5. Beautify: Colorful and unique artwork of DJI Mavic Mini Skin beautifies your Mavic Mini.
  6. No off-putting effects: Thin, lightweight automotive-grade vinyl doesn’t influence the flight time or radio signals of the quadcopter

DJI Mavic Mini gives the best drone flying experience to beginners. Palm-sized DJI Mavic Mini is straightforward to carry anywhere you go. Embellish your DJI Mavic Mini with DJI Mavic Mini Skin and make it shine in the sky.

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