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Console skins world create the newest decals and skins for all gaming consoles, with a collection of more than 10,000 different designs after the introduction of new decals for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 and Xbox One.

Console skins world is an online store that produces thousands of high-quality decals with which to decorate games consoles, based on the artwork from the games themselves. The website has just updated its library with the latest games and has expanded its coverage of consoles to include the Nintendo Switch and PS4 Pro, expanding its library to more than 7,000 different decals.

The library of game console skins, controller skins, and console stickers now includes PS4 skins and Xbox One skins for the latest Pro and S versions respectively, Xbox one and PS4 skins for the peripherals, as well as Xbox 360 skins and PS3 skins. With the introduction of the Nintendo Switch into the equation, they now offer the largest library of decals available anywhere online.

Every console skin makes reference to major game releases on each platform, including super Mario and metro 2033. The new Nintendo Switch releases include decals for the Legend of Zelda and Ghost Recon franchises. The new designs can be seen on the website with high definition previews, helping people see what their console will look like with the decals in place.

A spokesperson for Console skins world explained, “We are thrilled to be able to introduce new skins for new consoles, including Nintendo Switch skins and PS4 Pro decals that will provide the best possible way for gaming enthusiasts to express their fandom for a particular franchise. The artwork that accompanies games is now as iconic as that for mainstream Hollywood releases, and the surface of games consoles and controllers makes the perfect canvas to display that art. We hope these new decals help more gamers than ever express their passion for their favorite games.”

About Console skins world: Console skins world opened for business in 2014 , and now provide decals and skins for all game consoles, including the PS4 Pro, Slim and Regular, Xbox One, One S and 360, PSP 100, 200 and 300, Kindle, Nintendo Switch and more. They also offer wall decals featuring designs from games and anime, as well as a range of accessories like school bags and decals for hoverboards.

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